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The Green Design LabTM is a program to help schools reduce resource consumption and meet key energy reduction targets.  

The Green Design LabTM is a curriculum resource and guide for making your school a healthy and green place to work and learn. Using a creative approach to problem solving and sustainability education, the Green Design LabTM uses the school building as a laboratory for hands-on learning.  Through this approach students learn about green technologies, design process, engineering and applied science.

The Green Design LabTM is a project of Solar One, NYC's Green Energy, Arts and Education Center in collaboration with the NYC Department of Education and a host of key supporters and funders

The Green Design LabTM was created with two objectives in mind: ecological literacy and school building performance improvements. Ecological literacy is achieved through an enriching curriculum that includes hands on activities and workbooks for students & detailed instructional guides for teachers. Many of the activities incorporate learning about building performance so that students can “take action.” Actions can range from behavior modifications (turning off lights) to making changes in what the school purchases (food and cleansers), and from small investments (changing light bulbs) to large ones (solar panels). What can be achieved depends on how actively the teachers and students want to engage custodians, parents, and the broader school district.

To learn more about the curriculum, download the Introduction Guide to Green Design Lab HERE!