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$4.000 bn for #Renewables 2014-2035 = 70% of Electricity investments - main #Solar #Wind

posted Dec 13, 2013, 2:07 AM by Solar Life   [ updated Jan 15, 2014, 11:02 AM ]

Distributed Solar Wind power
   $4.000 bn = $4 tn Renewables

Localized power 2035

DER Distributed Energy Resources
DS Distributed Solar (main rooftop)
DW Distributed Wind (main farm)
DS Distributed Storage (home & park)

DS = Distributed #Solar rooftop wins, 
stays local Electricity: $4 trillion will go to Renewables wind solar, 70% investments  2014 - 2035 for Electricity go into #Renewables

Advantages of distributed solar
Distributed energy operates differently from conventional forms of electricity transmission that has occurred in the past. 

It used to be that power plants would generate the majority of a power provider's energy and distribute it over far distances. 

However, with the emergence of rooftop installations and other forms of renewable power, this model has changed.

With distributed generation, the created electricity stays local. For example, with a rooftop installation, the power serves the property on which the panels are located. This strategy can provide customers with more reliable service because the 

energy does not need to travel nearly as far.

localized power 
   energy does not need to travel far