The Action Plan

1) Get a group of people together who want to invest in solar electric systems for their homes.

2) Help educate interested parties with workshops offered by The City  of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and Energy Trust of Oregon.

3) We'll work with an  Energy Trust approved, State "tax credit certified" solar contractor to install our solar panels at a reduced, bulk-priced discount. By buying together, as a group, we're saving 40% compared to current market rates for systems like what we will purchase! That is the power of bulk purchasing when applied to solar tech and the more participants, the bigger the discount.

4) You will receive your own FREE solar site-assessment. You will learn a lot from this visit, including how big a system you can get and how much the options will cost. Don’t be shocked by the price tag you see at this point (it will likely be between $9,000 and $30,000 - this is size dependent). Remember, incentives and tax credits can pay for up to 80% of the bill, bringing your cost into the $0 - $7500 range at the end of 4 years.

5) We’ll all talk about our site-assessments. We’ll field questions and share answers.
6) You decide to install or, not.

7) We’ll each sign our own contract with the contractor in May - August  2010. The contractor will coordinate equipment purchases and the install schedule so as to conserve resources.

8) Installs will happen. Inspections will happen to make sure everything is as it should be. We will throw a party or something to celebrate!