The idea of this site is to create a place where people can find ideas about "do it yourself" solar in WV.  It is NOT an exhaustive collection of information.  However, we are hoping that it will be a place where people can share information about "how to get energy from sun in WV for your own home."  Click the link below to go to pictures of an installation of PV panels in WV (HINT: When you get to the link, click on slideshow for best viewing results):   http://solarpowercomeshome.shutterfly.com/

Our off grid solar neighbors have a cool website  with pictures of the racks they designed and we copied plus commentary on solar power.

The price of solar panels continues to go down and the quality of the Enphase Inverters went up in Fall 2011 from 190 watts to 215 watts.  The Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)  are still a big problem for us in West Virginia.  By selling certificates of production of Renewable Energy on the SREC auction, many solar producers are able to reduce the overall cost of energy production.  As of July 2013 SRECs were selling for $12 / MWh. See Tax Incentives & SRECs.