Remember that the costs of any building material varies with time and from palce to place.
 As a builder I get asked for an exact price for say concrete:
You need to consider this:
Where you build: In town or remote site
On or off grid: Do you have power or need a generator
Which contractor to use: Price several
 If you have any questions about your upcoming project write:
The photo above is an example of a concrete foundation wall over a typical spread footing below.

  This is an example of a subfloor framing system for a SIPs floor over concrete piers.
 SIPs floor system installed over subframing.
                   Conventionally framed floor system over concrete stem walls.





                 View from the crawl space  with 2" blue board insulation inside and out.

                                    Wood floor system framed over the crawl space.


The Willett foundation was over 70 lineal feet in length with almost 8' of elevation change from end to end. This allowed for a walk out basement at the lower end and gave the owners 700 additional sq. ft. of space for the solar pv system and water storage.


  After back filling, a concrete slab is then poured level to the top of the foundation. The metal straps at the corners act as tie downs for the building.
  This foundation is stepped to follow elevation changes in the final grade.


This Solargon project went with a short stem wall to allow access to a crawl space for    
heating/cooling and