Off Grid Solargon 30's
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                                Stewart Solargon 30 Master Suite
Porch framing:
We used 6x10 douglas fur beams to support the walkout porch roof trusses.  Additional decks will wrap around the south and south east side of the Solargon.
More pictures of the Stewart/Cool Solargon 30 project
                                       With the foundation complete the crew now installs the steel I beam to split the span of the floor system.
                                     With the pony walls built we can now roll the floor joists over the beam.
                                            Above Tom puts the finishes off the last of the floor framing and starts with the plywood decking.
                                                                      Borowsky Solargon 30-10 
Six Miles to Estes Park from the cabin.

                               Glen Haven
Sunrise on the North Fork
Sunrise at the cabin~Glen Haven,Colorado.

Willett Solargon Project
                                                                October view from the east facing deck.
Far off picture of the Willett Solargon project. Click on the Web Album to see the most recent pictures.
 More rain...
By the end of the week we completed both Solargon roof systems and started on the link roof.
  It is the second week in August and the project is moving along nicely. Above is a shot of the completed crown beam assembly.
 I love summer.
                                                                          Sunset party at the Willett Project.
It is mid July and the Willett project is at the framing stage. Pictured below are the SIPs fill-in panels on the north Solargon. We used SIPs panels above grade for the walkout basement to maximum efficiency.
We then framed the floor system over the walkout basement and framed the east facing deck that faces the beaver ponds.
     To see more pictures of this off grid Solargon project go to the  web album.
                                                                                        Carrick Solargon 30
 Just south of the Wyoming border in Colorado is the Willett Solargon project. This is the second off-grid home site in  beautiful Sand Creek Park.
 The drive to Sand Creek is wild and wonderful. On our last trip to the Willett site we came upon a mother antelope and her babies in the middle of the road. The mother took off and waited at the top of a nearby ridge. The new borns were bedded down and did not move till we picked them up.
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