"Our Solargon has exceeded all our expectations, both from the standpoint of cost efficiency and quality of the finished product.  We are delighted that we came upon this option and would recommend it to anyone."
Bob Sutherland/Sutherland Lumber
Visit  Bob's Ultra Efficient Solargon 30 on tinyhouseblog.com.
  "While we're not entirely "do-it-yourselfers", we have been doing quite a bit of this project ourselves and hiring help with things that would take us too long.  Thanks to the Solargon design, as you can see on the blog, the main structure went up very quickly so that we were able to get windows in and a roof on right away, followed by tar paper and siding.  We got the shed built before the recent series of snow storms made access difficult. One thing that has impressed us lately is that true to its design, the Solargon
is quite warm inside simply on the basis of solar gain, even on frigid days! Also, the last time I was up there the wind was as fierce as I've seen it.  The Solargon is solid!"

 "The Solargon has captured our attention as an outstanding "demonstrator"- a base to which we would want to add an array of renewable/alternative energy options.With a Solargon, our fledgling company would demonstrate the practicalities of photovoltaic,solar thermal, and wind energy sources in a highly efficient high solar gain Solargon with LED lighting, a small wood stove, composting toilet, and conservative water management."


 Carrick Eggleston, P.hD
To read more about Carrick's work and Solargon Research data go to:
  What a treat working with the ICS and Solargon team, their devotion and commitment is unparalleled.

 Our community came together with the ICS, Solargon team from Colorado and erected the Solagon over the weekend. Once we got it all up, my Son’s and I  finished the inside and outside. You can go to my website www.sunsationalgreen.com and look at the gallery pictures of community involvement in constructing
We have the R-value of 28 in our floors,  in the walls and ceilings and the air tight assembly adds to the ease of heating.

We are so impressed with the ease of construction, the money saved in labor and time was a eye opener. We are now planning a Solargon village here at our Hummingbird Community as part of our infrastructure and facility development.

The Solargon structures and this way of building with SIPs technology, is for sure the future. I can’t imagine, once folks find out about this method of construction, that they would go back to the old stick frame building methods, it doesn’t make any sense at all, and we need to be moving our thoughts to conservation, for future generations.

 Thank you Rob Galloway for your genius in the design and architecture, and Doug for your commitment in helping steward the Solagon movement.

  Hummingbird Ranch, New Mexico


         Owner Bob Sutherland with Solargon creator Rob Galloway