Group Members

 Soohyun Bae
 Postdoctoral Scholar
 Joined: Fall 2019
 Research: CIGS solar cells

Gi Soon Park

Ph.D. Candidate
Joined: Fall 2014
Research: CIGS solar cells

Sangyeun Park

Ph.D. Candidate
Joined: Spring 2017
Research: CIGS solar cells

Da-Seul Kim

Ph.D. Candidate
Joined: Spring 2018
Research: CIGS solar cells

Jong In Woo

Ph.D. Candidate
Joined: Spring 2019
Research: Electrochemical CO₂ reduction catalyst

 Heesung Eum
  M.S. Candidate
  Joined: Spring 2020
  Research: Electrochemical biomass conversion

Kyeong Seo Kim

  M.S. Candidate
  Joined: Spring 2020
  Research: CIGS solar cells

Gun Heo

  M.S. Candidate
  Joined: Fall 2021
  Research: CIGS solar cells


 Name Previous Position Year Current Employment
 Dr. Byungwoo Kim Postdoctoral Scholar 2020 Samsung Electro-Mechanics
 Dr. Joo-hyun Kim Postdoctoral Scholar 2020 Yonsei University
 Dr. Chan Yeon Kim Postdoctoral Scholar 2019 Postdoctoral Scholar in Berkley University
 Min Kyu Kim Graduate Student 2019 SK siltron
 Dr. Dahye Won Postdoctoral Scholar 2018 Senior Researcher at Korea Institute of Science and Technology
 Dr. Minoh Lee Postdoctoral Scholar 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar in research center Juelich at Germany
 Jae Seung Jeong     Graduate Student 2017Ph.D Student at Korea Institute of Science and Technology
 Dr. Van Ben Chu Graduate Student 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar at Dongguk University
 Dr. Eduardus Budi Nursanto Graduate Student 2017 
 Seon Young Ha Undergraduate Student 2017 Undergraduate Student at Sogang University
 Jae Hyun Kim Undergraduate Student 2017 Undergraduate Student at Sogang University
 Dr. Haeri Kim Postdoctoral Scholar 2016 SK hynix
 Dr. Hyo Sang Jeon Graduate Student 2016 Postdoctoral Scholar at Ruhr University of Bochum
 Jai Hyun Koh Research Scientist 2016Senior Research Scientist at Korea Insitute of Science and Technology
 Younghun Cho Undergraduate Student 2016 Undergraduate Student at Sogang University
 Dr. Se Jin Park Graduate Student  2016 Hanwha Q-Cell 
 Sujin Ahn Graduate Student  2016 
 Yoo Jung Shin Undergraduate Student  2016 Undergraduate Student at Korea University
 Claire Kim Choi Undergraduate Student 2016 Undergraduate Student at Yonsei University
 Tae Yoon Kim Undergraduate Stduent 2015 Undergraduate Student at Yonsei University 
 Dr. Jin Woo Cho Graduate Student  2014 LG Innotek 
 Hee Sang An Graduate Student  2014 Woori Bank
 Agus Ismail Graduate Student  2014 Director of Business Development at Nano Center Indonesia
 Sung Hwan Moon Graduate Student  2013 KOTITI Testing & Research Institute
 Na Kyoung Yoon Graduate Student 2010 Ph.D. Student at Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)
 Eun Joo Lee Graduate Student 2010 LG Electronics
 Won Il Park Graduate Student 2009 LG Display
 Bae Sik Kang Graduate Student 2009 PosCeramics