Prof. Boris Rybtchinski
Associate Professor

Department of Organic Chemistry 
Kimmelman Building, rm. 463
Weizmann Institute of Science
76100 Rehovot, Israel 
telephone: +972 (8) 934-2172 


The future of practical molecular systems possessing complex functionality will depend on the ability to synthesize nanoscale molecular arrays with pre-defined structure and function. Noncovalent self-assembly is one of the most efficient means for the fabrication of complex "supermolecules" in the bottom-up approach in nanotechnology. Our research is aimed at rational design of self-assembling nanoscale organic systems that show high degree of adaptivity and diverse functionality. We are especially interested in self-assembly in aqueous media, while our main effort regarding functionality is focused on supramolecular membranes and solar energy conversion.

Artwork by Dr. Haim Weissman