14.solar attic fan

solar attic fan : gogreensolar | May 11, 2009 | The Fan-Attic is the award-winning solar-powered attic ventilation system
that installs in just 30 minutes and works to ventilate your attic all day long. Because its solar-powered,
 it costs nothing to operate. Since there are no wires to attach, it installs in only thirty minutes.

A Fan-Attic helps remove this hot air and reduces the workload on cooling and air-conditioning equipment by as much as 50%.
 This helps make your home a much more comfortable place.

Whats even better is this: the New, Improved Fan-Attics solar panel and substrate gathers more sunlight,
stores it more efficiently, and will provide 25 years of worry-free operation! 

Installation Instructions - 1010TR Solar Powered Attic Fan

ussunlight | December 18, 2009 : http://www.ussunlight.com  1010TR Solar Powered Attic Fan
ilovedaylight | March 18, 2009 : www.solatube.com

Kevin OConner installs a Solar Star attic fan in a home where the homeowner complains that his attic gets too hot during the summer. Solar Star, the leader in solar powered attic ventilation, brings you the most technically-advanced, environmentally-friendly, ventilation solution available today. Best of all, Solar Star brings you the solutions that cost nothing to operate. Imagine the savings. By placing the unit where it is most effective, the highest point on the roof, it can properly circulate air and ventilate your attic space, transforming your home into a comfortable living environment. Powered by Solar Star's proprietary 10-watt solar panel, this breakthrough product has been designed to last season after season.