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About our Campaign 
A campaign is underway in Arizona to initiate studies and build support for the world's first solar-powered bullet train. Reaching speeds up to 220 MPH, the train is proposed to run between Tucson and Phoenix in as little as 33 minutes. It is also expected to have a zero-energy footprint due to its route-long solar array. This train may prove unique in yet another way -- the potential to generate surplus energy to defray some of its own expense. 

A Unique Opportunity
Arizona may be the 
only place in the world with both sufficient sunlight and sufficient population density to launch such a project in this decade. 

This is a unique opportunity to benefit from the rapid growth of solar technologies emerging today at utility scale, including R&D in our own labs and companies. And once it is possible to travel swiftly between Phoenix and Tucson, economic opportunity of all kinds will accelerate, from tourism to jobs and added commerce for Arizona businesses.

Latest News

Spring 2011: Eller/UA team to build and test a conceptual SolarBullet between Tucson and Phoenix. Click here for detail from the UA News:

Solar Train

History and Aims
The SolarBullet project was launched in early 2009 by Tucson resident William S. Gaither, former president of Drexel University. Today, SolarBullet.org, led by a fellow University president, Ted L. Hullar, former chancellor of UC Davis, is taking the effort statewide. 

SolarBullet.org was formed to build networks between HSR advocates and experts in green tech and solar energy with decision-makers at all levels of government. At the same time, we want to seed a strong base of VHSR enthusiasts in Arizona and the Southwest.