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SolarBullet Plans

Current Status & Near-term Plans
The SolarBullet project today is functioning as a public policy think tank developing strategic plans for sun-powered very high speed intercity rail in Arizona. We are currently in an "R&D" phase, building the networks and teams we will need to proceed. At the national level, we are learning from leading innovators in high speed rail and green technologies. At the local level, we have been consulting an increasingly wider circle of stakeholders and agency representatives, while updating ourselves on government initiatives with an impact on intercity rail (ICR) in our state. A twin part of this mission has been to identify possible sources of funding for the studies needed to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of merging solar power at utility scale with very high speed rail. 
Over the coming months, we also expect to issue a series of white papers and to comment in proceedings such as the forthcoming ADOT rail corridor study which is the state's own next step towards Federal recognition of an HSR route for AZ.

The SolarBullet Mailing List
To be on our email list for links to papers, comments and updates: 
Send an email to info @solarbullet.org  with "Update" in the subject line.


working to see a 'solar green' bullet train between  
Tucson and Phoenix 
while forging links between forward thinkers in the Southwest and beyond