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Below is a summary of some of our press. A prior press archive is on our blog here.

  • UA News, March 8, 2011

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  • KVOA March, 2011
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  • Excerpt from first feature in the Arizona Republic, January 8, 2009

AZCentral From here to there, faster
"...A visionary plan for the Tucson-Phoenix Corridor growth would have as its centerpiece a high-speed, heavy-rail connection of the French TGV or Japanese bullet-train variety. This transportation spine would employ proven, state-of-the-art equipment, be electrified, have two tracks - one for each direction - and be built on a new right of way. The 95-mile trip between cities would take 45 minutes at speeds up to 185 miles per hour. Stations would be in Phoenix, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Eloy, Marana, and Tucson. Trains would depart each city every 30 minutes.This electrified high-speed system and its supporting light-rail feeder connections would have the potential to dramatically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, refocus attention from building highways to the use of energy-efficient public transportation, and stimulate commerce both between, and within, Phoenix and Tucson..."  More here at AZCentral.com.

  • Our first feature story in Tucson, Arizona Daily Star, May 8, 2009
High-speed solar train proposed as Tucson-Phoenix connection
Project, in idea stage, could cost $27B for 1st phase

AZStarnet By Mariana Alvarado

"... The idea is to start a train system that connects Tucson and Phoenix in a first phase. In the future it would extend north to Grand Canyon and south to Nogales. The cost for the first phase alone is estimated at $27 billion. It could start operating in 2018... The innermost two tracks would be reserved for nonstop travel from Tucson to Phoenix, going 116 miles in a half hour, said [project founder] William Gaither. The other tracks would serve six intermediate stations in Chandler, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Eloy, Red Rock and Marana, extending the Phoenix-Tucson travel time to approximately 60 minutes... The rail could open up new opportunities for economic development in those cities, said Gaither. The train would require 110 megawatts of electricity and would operate with solar power generated from overhead panels. It would have a dedicated right-of-way..." More here at azstarnet.com.

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  • Press release, November 2009, following the unexpected demise of William Gaither Ph.D., the founder of SolarBullet LLC. in September 2009. The new members below had all been advisors to Bill on this project.
AZ Solar Bullet Campaign Gathers Speed With New Members
Three new board members have joined Solar Bullet LLC of Tucson, organizers of the campaign to bring a very high speed solar-powered rail line to Arizona. The new chairperson for the campaign is Tucson resident Ted L. Hullar, former chancellor of UC Davis and former director of the Center for the Environment at Cornell University. Hullar assumed the role upon the recent death of the project's founder, William S. Gaither, Ph.D. Joining him on the board are Ivar Sanders and Carla Nelson. Sanders, a longtime engineering consultant from Silicon Valley, will be a technical advisor, while Nelson, a veteran campaign organizer, will serve as communications director. The board is also aided by staffer, Jan Bush, an environmental planning consultant in Tempe. The group is currently working with cities along the route between Tucson and Phoenix to garner support and funding for an economic impact study by the Eller School of Management at the University of Arizona. Details available at www.solarbullet.org.