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Steering Committee
Campaign Chair: Ted L. Hullar
Campaign Manager: Carla B. Nelson
Engineering Lead: Ivar Sanders
Solar Lead: Gregory Smith
Research Associates: Lawrence Morgan, Thomas McCoy

We especially thank the following for their personal consultations: Gina Chorover, City of Tucson; Jeremy Papuga, Pima Association of Governments; Ben Goff, Pima County; Maxine L. Brown, Central Arizona Association of Governments; Eric Anderson, Maricopa Association of Governments; Luther Probst, Dave Richins, and Dan Hunting, Sonoran Institute; Shannon Scutari and Mike Normand, ADOT; Joe Simmons, University of Arizona and AZRise; Tony Haswell and Gene Caywood, Arizona Rail Passenger Association.

A special thanks also goes to Ray Wright for sharing his experience from early days of the Bill Gaither project, and to Jan Bush for her generous contributions of time and advice during our transition.