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AZ SolarBullet Campaign Gathers Speed With New Management Team

Tucson, November 5, 2009... Three new members have joined the executive board of Solar Bullet LLC of Tucson, organizers of the campaign to bring a very high speed solar-powered rail line to central Arizona. 

The new chairperson is Tucson resident Ted L. Hullar, former chancellor of both UC Davis and UC Riverside, and former director of the Center for the Environment at Cornell University. Hullar assumes the role of chief spokesman upon the unexpected death of the company founder, William S. Gaither Ph.D., a fellow Tucson resident and former president of Drexel University. 

Joining Hullar are Ivar Sanders and Carla B. Nelson, both of Tucson. Nelson, a veteran northern
California campaign manager and communications strategist, will serve as chief of operations for the campaign. Sanders, a longtime Silicon Valley engineering consultant now on staff at the University of Arizona, will serve as the technical lead for engineering. The group is currently working with agencies along the route between Tucson and Phoenix to garner support for studies to include economic and engineering analyses. Details available at the campaign site, Solarbullet.org or via email to info @ solarbullet.org. For past and current press, also see the main press page at the SolarBullet blog.


ince the press release above, the SB team has added a second technical lead, 

Greg Smith of Solarise Research who is our chief analyst for solar engineering.

Footnote: In the weeks following the first announcement, the management team agreed that the campaign would be carried forward by SolarBullet.org, a civic organization formed in the public interest to bring this project to fruition by facilitating coalitions and building consensus between public, private and governmental entities.