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I was adopted when I was fourteen years old, and got married the day before my 27th birthday.  Being kind of a history buff, I looked into the genealogy of my surnames and came up with this.

About my new surname, Bias:

I found that the Bias surname was originally a habitational name from Lot-et-Garonne, France.  The Bias families that moved to Britain close to the 15th and 16th centuries usually changed their names to "Byas" while the ones migrating to Prussia (modern day Germany and Austria) kept the spelling the same.  With Italian emigres, some kept the spelling while others added the prefix "s-" ("Sbias") or, at times, the suffix "-co" ("Biasco").  Two sources gave the reason for the name changes as persecution against Protestants at the time, while most others gave the reason as being due to language barriers.
Note:  specifically on the subject of persecution, much of Europe went throu
gh (and is currently going through) a Catholicism vs. Protestantism attitude.  In France, during the height of this turmoil, there were the Wars of Religion from 1562 to 1598.  This is when many Huguenots (Calvinist Protestants) were tortured and put to death, basically, which led to many of the persucuted familes leaving to find refuge including, apparently, some of the Bias family.  This would explain the sudden proliferation of that surname throughout Europe during that time.  Also, I just found the town of Bias, in Lot-et-Garonne.  It has a population just over 3000.  Latitude: 44.42; longitude: 0.68...we'll have to check it out when we go back to France (tentatively set for summer of 2010). 

About my maiden surname, Andrews:

Andrews is a sept of a "Clan"--or family--called, in Gaelic, Roisch na Gille Andras, or:  "the offspring of the follower of St Andrew".  Clan Anrias, or Ross (in English) is a rather large Clan, whose lands include Ross-shire, Ayrshire and Renfrewshire.  Clan Ross also is an officially registered Clan, with a Clan Chief, that is registered with the Lord Lyon Court.  The Clan Chiefs are descended from the Earls of Ross, and beyond them, the ancient Maormors of Ross. According to research, I found that the entire Clan Ross was "swallowed up" by and adopted the name of the more powerful MacKenzies.   This meaning that such things as military enlistment and in  marriage, the Clan name (surname) of MacKenzie would be used.  However, Ross is still listed as its own free-standing Clan, but I'm not a Clan expert, so I can't in good faith tell anyone what that means. 

About my original surname, Job:

To be honest, I don't associate myself at all with this surname anymore.  I know it comes from Stüttgart, Baden-Württemberg in Germany.  I was adopted into the Andrews surname when I was fourteen and that's that.  I don't have anything to do with anyone bearing that name, for several good reasons, and I'm proud to have been adopted into the Andrews family.  Some have even asked me, "If you're so proud of being adopted, why do you even bring up your original name?"  Well, to be honest, because it was my surname for half my life at this point, it's hard to erase it from my history completely.  I might post something more on the history of the Job surname but I'm not sure I want to put any energy into it.