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Is it hard to be a woman in the construction trades?

Yes and no. Some foremen and crew mates are open and actually a little more forgiving of my mistakes. And some think my place is in the home, cooking and ironing and folding laundry, while popping out babies like gumballs in my spare time. I have fun at my job: it's challenging and I'm always learning, usually surrounded in nature. Plus the paycheck is a really nice perk.
Since you're into solar power, do you advocate all renewable energy? Solar power is just my favourite. I also like wind, tidal, geothermal, micro-hydro, fuel cell...I could go on. I think sustainability is immensely important. Think of it this way: even if you aren't interested in saving the environment, remember that renewable energy will create jobs and lower our dependence on foreign oil. However, there is some global concern about stories of deforestation due to demand in the production of E-85...
So you recycle and shop organic and all that, too? Yes, we do recycle. I go to a local farmer's market when I can, but sometimes the product I need simply isn't available there. I also try to reuse in the home often, and I frequent thrift stores on the weekends. I'm not as good as I could be but I'm working on it.
Are you a vegetarian? No. I kinda wish I were, I would be alot more healthy I think. Sometimes I think I can give up meat but it just doesn't happen. I have cut down quite a bit, I'm supplementing my protein with more nuts and such but I just haven't been able to take that initial step.
Do you like living in Las Vegas? Yes, mostly. The work is plentiful here, there's always something to do at any time of the day or night, and opportunity is never lacking. I would never raise children here; if I absolutely had to, I'd make sure they were in a charter school, or perhaps a magnet school. Medical care here is hit-and-miss but for the most part I've been lucky. Vegas is pretty at night, but under the neon-concrete façade of this city (as my friend Logan says) it's a hollow shell. I crave a more natural beauty, trees and ivy and flowers and brooks; yes, we have a springs preserve but that is only one small pocket in which to feel the presence of Divinity.
Why don't you want kids? I've had several miscarriages and lost a son the day he was born. Even on the anticoagulants I'm prescribed, a healthy, full-term pregnancy isn't likely. I've tried, it hasn't worked out; I'm done.
Then why do you have such strong ideas on how kids should be raised? Just because they aren't my children doesn't mean I don't care. I think circumcision is horrific, whether male or female. I think breastfeeding is of ultimate importance but I understand that some women are not physically capable of doing so. I think screaming and spanking are damaging, and I consider tickling a form of abuse...seriously. I think most eating disorders and other self-destructive behaviours have their roots in self-absorbed parents. I could really go on and on and on about all that, honestly.

And why are you on anticoagulants?
Issues with my blood: I have one auto-immune disorder, APS, that causes my blood cells to clot together, and four blood mutations that thicken my blood in other various ways. After the final diagnosis I tried just about everything...a regimen of baby aspirin, natural remedies, herbs, strict diets, homeopathy...nothing seemed to work. In fact it only seemed to get worse, as it caused several TIAs and finally a stroke in 2007. Warfarin was the last resort.
How many tattoos and piercings do you have? Why? To me, tattoos and piercing aren't self-destructive. It's more like decoration. I like the way it all looks and I don't get to crazy with it. Right now, I just have the one tattoo of the photovoltaic schematic symbol inside the sun. I'll be adding on to that soon enough. As for piercings, I have both earlobes, a pinna, both nipples and my tongue done. I kinda want an eyebrow piercing too but Tannah really hates those so I'm probably not going to get it done...and a Christina too but healing time is nothing something I'd be happy about.
Why do you sometimes post in other languages? I write how I feel at the moment. Sometimes, things are better said in something other than English. It flows better, or conveys a message more succinctly. Or sometimes it's because I'm not sure I want everyone to read what I just wrote, and I know 95% of any particular group isn't going to look it up in online translating pages. I write for me; if no one ever read it that wouldn't hurt my feelings.
[more to come]