QuickSun Solar Simulator Model 120CA-XL

Endeas Oy provides the photovoltaic industry with top-quality tools for measuring photovoltaic cell and module characteristics.

QuickSun is a manually operated Xenon flash simulator for testing both ordinary and high capacitance crystalline silicon solar cells. It exceeds the ordinary Class A criterion of IEC904-9 ed. 2 with clear margin providing enhanced IV characteristics accuracy. The applicable test methods and procedures are inspected by SGS Fimko Ltd in order to guarantee the compliance and traceability not only with the above standard but also with IEC904-1 ed. 2 which specifies the IV measurement conditions. QuickSun software is designed to provide flexibility for different end-users. Full remote control of the software and all its features is possible through a TCP interface and measurement data is automatically transferred to an external database using an ODBC interface. Manually operated Kelvin contacted test jig is easily adjustable for crystalline silicon cells. The back contact plate has isolated voltage probes eliminating the reproducibility drift inherent with ordinary test jig designs.

ebay has one for $10k USD
Bought at auction Aug. 2014 and never deployed. Great little system for testing coupon size modules or cells.
I am asking $3k USD.
Manual is online at: http://www.endeas.fi/download/Solar%20Simulation%20Standards%20and%20QuickSun%20Measurement%20System.pdf