PCO Imaging Sensicam

Digital 12bit CCD Camera System
Vision Hi-tech PCO Imaging Sensicam Double Shutter Cooled Digital 12bit CCD Camera System, With / HP # DC5100 MT Pentium 4 Controller Computer, With / Vision Hi Tech PCI Board Installed, & Fujinon 1:1.4/12mm HF12.5SA-1 Lens. SN# 670KS4738. See: https://www.pco.de/sensitive-cameras/sensicam-qe
This high performance cooled digital 12 bit CCD camera system comprises advanced CCD and electronics technology. The system features thermo-electrical cooling of the image sensor, extremely low noise and an outstanding quantum efficiency, which achieves a high spectral sensitivity in general and especially in the NIR. Exposure time modes range from 500 ns to 3600 s.

Bought in May 2014 to use with the pco.1300 solar camera, as this has the software installed and ready. I did fire up the computer and see that this Sensicam system was being used for EL work already. Software looks easy to use. Asking $1,300 USD.