Below is a Solaid video set to the music of noted Alaskan musician Willis Fireball. 


Solaid School Project

Please also take a look at our informational video, created by a volunteer who worked with our project in Kampot, that describes some of what we do.


Above---Some staff members at our weekly Saturday morning meeting.

 A Solaid class being taught outside.


Above--The small educational garden donated by Solaid at the Ban Prea School.

Right--staff traveling to visit some of the villagers who live in difficult-to-access locations.


Below--A family who is being aided by Solaid; the father lost one leg when he stepped on a landmine left over from the war.

Above--Mrs. Chan speaking to a villager whom Solaid is assisting in realizing his dream of opening his own hair cutting business (seen in the background).



A visit from Willis Fireball, a singer/songwriter from Alaska, generated quite a reaction from the students. 

Travel to the project sites requires taking paths over unstable bridges (left) and, in the rainy season, on very muddy roads (below).




Left---One of the families being helped through the Solaid Village Project.  This is a woman and her husband (in the window) with a visiting neighbor sitting in the foreground.  The wife has been deaf for many years, while her husband is crippled with extremely severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Solaid is helping this woman (at left) to make some basic repairs and improvements to her home (interior shown below left, area view below right).

 Some of the students at one of the schools that Solaid supports.  Because of various pressures, student attendance is often intermittent, leading to each grade having a wide range of student ages.

Above--Solaid staff and students watching a performance.

 Left--at the schools, many children use chalk and slates to write.

Above--Mich (volunteer), Dr. Steve (director), Kin Yang (school principal), and a number of the students.