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University of Chicago, Ph.D., Economics, 2007.

Seoul National University, M.A., Economics, 2002 / B.A., Economics, 2000


Economic History, Health Economics, Applied Economics


[1] The Changing Body: Health, Nutrition, and Human Development in the Western World since 1700  (with Roderick Floud, Robert Fogel, and Bernard Harris). Cambridge University Press. 2011.

2011 PROSE Awards: Economics


The book has been reviewed in 
ScienceNatureNew York TimesThe IndependentDaily MailTimes Higher Education, International Herald Tribune, The New York Review of Books, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic History, American Journal of Human Biology, Social History of Medicine, 
BBC radio and  the Brian Lehrer Show at WNYC radio, and so on.


[2] Health, Mortality, and the Standard of Living in Europe and North America since 1700 (with Roderick Floud, Robert Fogel and Bernard Harris). UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. 2014.

These two volumes bring together important and influential articles and papers on different aspects of the history of health and welfare. The collection includes classic and more recent essays on the origins and nature of mortality decline; the early-life origins of adult health and disease; changes in height, weight and body mass; the definition and measurement of the 'standard of living'; and the economic and social impact of health improvements

As leading authorities in their field, the editors have provided an original introduction, which offers an essential guide to the debates about the causes and consequences of the decline of mortality and the improvement of human health over the last three centuries.


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