Soilvitae Lda. is a specialist company, which provides research and consulting services on biological solutions for agriculture, building on our scientific- and biotechnological-based research experience on plant-soil-microbial interactions and soil microbiology.

We assist manufacturers with technical consulting support and research and development through every stage of development of microbial-based products for plant nutrition and health: discovery, design, development, formulation, pilot-scale production and proof of efficacy.

Soilvitae offers the following services:
  • Design and product development of: 
    • microbial consortia for plant nutrition and plant disease protection
    • improvement of biological products/solutions of clients (e.g. improving microbial activities or biological functions, finding other uses for existing products, etc.).
  • Field trial efficacy and biological evaluation of the mode of action of biological products/solutions of clients, through:
    • field assays
    • greenhouse assays
    • microbial and plant analysis
  • Scientific and technical consulting on:
    • assessment of biological solutions and biological raw materials
    • guidance on field and greenhouse trials
    • interpretation of analytical data
    • advice on product registration issues.
The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Lisbon, Portugal.  It is currently incubated at the University of Lisbon's Teclabs.

Contact us on:
Telephone: (+351) 966 563 915
        Soilvitae Lda.
        Tec Labs – Centro de Inovação
        Campus da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
        Campo Grande
        1749-016 Lisboa

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