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An anonymous tribute from a Soho Masses worshipper


 St Anne’s


His brown eyes, dark whirl pools,

stared at me from across the room

Why was I there?

We sat down and

the Spirit unexpectedly moved sideways around us

The silence fell

the service started and

those dark brown eyes set in a naked head continued to enquire

why  I was there



Significant words flowed

 from a place of deep conviction

the music harmonised

We stood to pray and

with the still dews of quietness dropping on us

the names of those who had recently died

many of aids

were offered up into the sacred Silence

 touching a chord of profound solemnity

Lives cut short

Ties of love prematurely broken

A reverential reminder

of the broken love that some are asked to bear



“You are all welcome at the Table”

twice those brown eyes said

Though I didn’t belong I knew

the ‘all’ meant me

and I went up to

share in the gracious inclusiveness of the Divine Giving



As we sang the last hymn

about  the unacceptable being  welcomely accepted

through my tears

at not belonging anywhere to anyone

I knew I had found a home

and through my tears

my heart rejoiced