Laboratory for Neurophysiology (신경생리학 연구실)


The fast increasing prevalence of metabolic syndromes including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension poses an enormous health risk worldwide. For optimal management of patients with metabolic syndromes, researchers have been developing novel strategies to better understand the mechanisms regulating energy and glucose metabolism. In particular, recent efforts have focused on the identification of neuronal circuits that are responsible for regulating energy and glucose homeostasis, and we now have abundant information regarding feeding and metabolic circuits within brain.

However, most of our current knowledge is limited to roles of specific receptors and intracellular signal molecules expressed by specific neurons. While ion channels and synaptic mechanisms are central in regulating neuronal functions and circuits, limited numbers of literatures are available in this field of neuroscience. Thus, my laboratory intends to identify the role of ion channels and synaptic inputs in the central pathways regulating energy and glucose homeostasis.

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Functional Neuroanatomy of Energy Balance, Glucose Homeostasis, and Blood Pressure Regulation

(adopted from Sohn et al, 2013)