Welcome to the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine Evidence-Based Medicine Subcommittee Website. This is a volunteer effort of pediatric hospitalists to make EBM resources available to practicing pediatric hospitalists.  Our main product is the CAT, or critically appraised topic. This is a brief, systematic review of a topic; usually one where no published systematic review exists. Each CAT starts with a classic PICO question and we try to be as specific as possible, but bear with us since pediatric research can be thin in many areas.  CATs have an author as well as two independent reviewers who have all searched the literature and agreed upon the importance of the reviewed articles as well as the author's assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of those articles in terms of the clinical question at hand. We strive to answer clinical questions in a timely fashion and all products are dated so you know when they were last checked for how well they encompass the available literature.  If you would like to learn more about PICO questions and CATs, please check out the Links page or go to www.cebm.net.
We are also making bibliographies on other subjects available. These may be helpful to you in shortening search time for some of your clinical questions or may be used as teaching aids. Finally we are including links to pediatric EBM resources as well.
All CATs and bibliographies remain the property of their authors and do not represent the views of the Academy or the Section.