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The little coroner of my web. I am really optimistic about that you will like whatever you’ve seen here. I am a Mumbai based developer specialized in modern standards-based web development. This means in simple words site loads quickly, work in every current browser, feature search engine optimization (SEO) by design, and may accessible to all users. As a user I can understand that users love to view sites in a jiffy and in other case users lost his interest towards site.

Programming has fascinated me right since the basic & pascal days. Had plenty of hobbies in life but my association with code has been ever expanding. Been programming since years & years now, & I know its yet an undecipherable journey of bits n bytes all along.

Presently working as a Project Lead with Media Fusion. Did my post graduation "Masters in Commerce" from Mumbai University in Mumbai year 2001. Before this, graduated B.Com. in Economics from Maharashtra College in Mumbai 2001. Also certified ACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Professional) from Aptech.

Writing is my hobby, this site is its product. Hope this collection comes out handy to you in some way or the other. Would appreciate your feedback & inputs!!!

assets of my life (enjoying all of them)