Are you a good person? You may think so. You may be a Christian or not, it doesn’t matter, the bible says this: “No one is good, no, not one, except God. One thing is true, either the bible is wrong, or you are wrong.  Would you like to take a quick test and find out?

Good, read on.

Gods standard of “good” is perfection; the keeping of his laws; what the bible calls “The 10 commandments”. Are you familiar with them? You may say “I don’t believe we’ll be judged by the 10 commandments” but your belief or unbelief doesn’t change that you will be judged by them on judgment day. The bible says “it’s appointed to a man once to die and after this; the judgment.

So if you’re ready, go to the first question and answer them honestly, and truthfully. This is the most important test you’ll ever take.



1.         Have you ever lied?

Of course you have, probably thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times right?What does that make you then?  A liar right?

That’s the way that the perfect and holy God of the Universe sees you.   Man justifies his lies and puts them in categories, but God doesn’t, if you’ve lied, you’re a liar. We’re not talking about “discretion” or saving someone’s feelings by saying their hat looks good when it doesn’t.  You know the difference and God knows the difference.


2.         Have you ever stolen anything?

Even if it was a long time ago?    Maybe it was just a stick of gum or a pencil? Sure, everyone has. Maybe it was just stealing time away from your family. If you’ve done that, and if you’re being honest with yourself, you’d have to say that you have, then what are you called? You’d be called a thief, right? Well, that’s the way a perfect and holy God sees you also.


3.         Have you ever committed adultery?

“Whew, no to that” you say. Did you know that Jesus said "if you look at a women with lust, you aready committed adultery in your heart".   Have you ever looked at someone with lust?   Well, if you have then the bible say’s you’re adulterer at heart.  God sees your intentions and your thoughts, not just your actions, you will be judged according to that standard.  Imagine if we were able to implant a tiny recorder, like a DVD recorder and record your thoughts for a week. Then we would play them back for the world to see. Would we see something that you’d be proud to let your parents see?  How about your grandparents?


So now you’ve admitted to me, to yourself, and to God that you’re a liar, thief and a adulterer at heart.
You’ve got a question to answer:

If God judges you by that standard on judgment day, would you be:


If you’re honest with yourself , you’d have to say guilty.
So that brings us to the next question, if you’re guilty, when you die, would you be going to:  
Again, if you’re honest  with yourself , you’d have to say hell right? 
But maybe you said “heaven”. Hmm…why would you say that? You just admitted you’d be guilty?
Maybe it’s because you think that God is “fair” and “just” He’ll just “let you off the hook”. Would that work with a human judge? No. You’re standing there in front of him and the evidence is in GUILTY, no question about it. The judge says “do you have anything to say before I pass sentence?” You say “Well, judge, you’re a fair and just judge, I was hoping that you’d let me off”.
He’d say, “you’re right, I am fair and just, and because of that I have to punish you” God is holy and perfect, his law is higher than mans law and he cannot just let you go, justice must be served. The bible says that “no adulterer, no thief, no liar, will enter the kingdom of heaven”
Maybe you think that you’ll be compared to someone like Adolph Hitler, and then He’ll see that you are “not that bad” right?  Well, God doesn’t “grade on a curve”, you aren’t judged right because someone else is worse than you. You are judged on your own sin towards God.
So my next question is:
It should greatly concern you. In fact, you should be terrified. Hell is a terrible place of torment and punishment that lasts forever. God doesn’t want that for you and neither do I. You shouldn’t want to go their ether.

God made a plan so you wouldn’t have to go there, if you want to know what it is…



Let’s go back to the courtroom for a second. Imagine that you’ve been sentenced, you’ve asked the judge to let you off and you’re on your way to jail. Just then, someone you’ve never met steps in and says “judge, you’re going to have to let this person go, I’ve paid their fine in full” That’s what Jesus Christ came to earth to do 2000 years ago, to take the punishment that you deserve on Himself, so you could go free. God gave you this gift of salvation for free…you don’t pay anything.



Good question, the bible says you must do two things: REPENT, AND TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST. What does that mean? Repent is a fancy Greek word meaning to “turn away” from something; in this case, you completely turn away from your sin, and turn towards God. What does it mean to “trust in Jesus”? To trust in Jesus simply means to trust that His death on the cross paid your fine in full, nothing more need be done. You must trust Him like you’d trust a parachute as you jump out of a plane; trust Him as if your life depended on it, because it does .If you’re ready to do that, just find a quiet place and confess your sins to God, tell Him you’re sorry for what you’ve done to Him, name your sins individually. Then think about what God did for you, so you don’t have to go to hell, He sent His Son to die a horrible, painful, agonizing death on a Roman cross. These thoughts should send you to your knees in sorrow; they should crush you under the weight of the understanding of what a great gift salvation really is. You should weep with gratitude.


Once you’ve done this, you’re now a child of God and you will live forever with Him.  What do you do next…


Get a bible and read it every day, and obey what you read. The bible is God’s word to you.

Go find a bible-believing church and attend it regularly. Be around other believers.

Tell everyone what you now know about the Good News of the Gospel! Don’t keep it a secret!