About Us

Why Are We Here?


Effingham County does NOT need another Church, but we are in desperate need for the people of God to be the Church.   A people of God who will not settle to be entertained, but would be the epistle read by all men, that testifies to a dying world of true conversion in Christ.   A people who will not just speak righteous but live righteous.  A people who are more concerned about seeking and saving the lost... than programs, buildings, anniversaries, offerings and building ones "own" kingdom.  The hardest thing the Churches face in this county is "Keeping the Ministry Pure".


Ministry is People!  Jesus did not die for our programs, buildings, status or our prestige.  He died so that dead men can live.


We are a part of the Remnant of God in these last days that God is raising up in Effingham County to be a part of the "latter rain".   


Shepherds of Grace Church exist for the purpose of the Great Commission.  "To seek and save the Lost".   We are an All Nations, Cross Cultural, Spirit Filled, Apostolic Church, Empowering People for Destiny


According to Scripture, God's intention has always been that the Church be a cross cultural international community... A church of all languages, ethnicities, nationalities and peoples. 


Our model is God's design for biblical diversity described in Revelation 7:9, which reveals God's desire for cultural and racial inclusions:


"After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that
no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language,
standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb."


This is why Cross Culture Approach to Ministry is a necessity for the Survival and Revival of the local congregations.

We have a biblical purpose.  God sent His Son Jesus Christ to redeem, all people by commissioning His disciples to make disciples of all nations.  (Galatians 4:4)   We must reach our neighborhoods, our nation, and our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of racial, economic, or political barriers.  Thus we must strive to diversify our local churches into Cross Cultural Congregations.


This is a holistic purpose.  We understand that our ministry must include the whole person and his or her surrounding environments.  We believe that unless we promote church revitalization and community transformation, we will be proclaiming the gospel, but not living the gospel.

We have a strategic purpose.  Being in the same geographic location is not the definition of people coming together in unity.  True unity comes when people are not just in the same location together, but they are becoming inter-twined together as a people who are in one accord for the purpose of reaching people for Christ.



As Shepherds Of Grace Church:


We are an Apostolic Ministry in the process of growing as God adds
 to the Shepherds Of Grace International Church Family. 
However, it is not in a building made with hands.  The Ministry is People, and we are more concerned about people then buildings, padded pews, platforms and elaborate sound systems. 
Presently, we are meeting every Sunday 10:45 a.m. and Wednesday 7 p.m. in the ReStore Building Upstairs Meeting Room.  We do not worship by numbers or a program but as the Spirit of the Lord would lead.  We are not a Black Church, White Church, Asian or Hispanic Church…

Who Are We?

We are an All Nations, Cross Cultural, Spirit Filled, Apostolic Church,
 Empowering People for Destiny.

Our Vision

Teach people from every tribe and nation, how to identify and step into the purpose,
plan and position of ministry that God has ordained for their life, concerning
the Great Commision.

Our Mission

Reaching People for Christ, and Changing the World Together
Are you tired of merely being entertained?  Tired of doing things without power, without meaning?   Have you been hurt in the past by other believers or the Church?  Do you want to grow spiritually and be fruitful for the Kingdom of God?   
Come join us! 
Matt. 4:19   "...follow me and I will make you fishers of men".    Meaning, if we follow Christ our purpose and priority will be to labor for men and women to come into the kingdom of God.
Matt. 28:19   "Go ye therfore and make disciples of all nations..."   We are not called, we are commanded to go unto all the world and make disciples of all ethnic groups.
This is our Core Belief as a Church.  
To us, Church is not a spectator event, we are in Effinghame to actively:

Share the Word


Show the Word


Teach the Word


Serve the World


For this we exist.  

For more information contact:  Elder's Charles or Shirley Malphus :  (912) 663-6814