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Our Bishop John Aguilar. Host of Preacher 2 Preacher Live... will be Teaching "Spiritual Growth" every Wednesday night, 7pm, 279 Chalk Bed Rd, Granitville, South Carolina.  All are Welcome... call for details:  (803) 761-7191

Email:  staff@sogcaiken.org

P2P Keeping the Ministry Pure... AWAKE Conference September 25th and 26th

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Shepherds Of Grace International

Preacher 2 Preacher
"Keeping the Ministry Pure"


September 25th and 26th

University Parkway Church
761 University Parkway
Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

This Conference is specifically designed for Pastors, Ministers, and Lay Leaders, but all are welcome to register and attend.  We desire to develop a "Last Day Leadership" that resembles those of the book of Acts, so we are providing this Conference for FREE  (Note: Limited Seating, pre-registration is encouraged)  

    To Register Online... Click AWAKE Logo:  
Click to Register
          Email your Name, address, phone number and the number of people that will be 
          attending in your party to:  staff@shepherdsofgrace.org

Or...   to register by postal serves, send the same information to: 

SOGI Awake Conference
P.O. Box 5336
Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

God is coming back for the true Church of the Living God... and that Bride is to be without spot or wrinkle.  Tis Last Day Church is to be a spiritual Church, a Church that is operating in 
demonstration and dunamis power.  We must prepare the way of the Lord by preparing the Bride of Christ.  

Through the Five Fold Ministry, we are called to the equipping of the saints “…till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son  of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ”  This is how the Bride is to be prepared.
 Our focus will be on the Supernatural Manifestation that is missing today... in the 5-Fold Ministry, and how to operate in the Supernatural Manifestation that God intended for equipping the saints.

This Leadership Conference is sponsored by Shepherds Of Grace International, 99.9 WUCC,
University Parkway Church, Spiritual Freedom Network, and SOGI Nails.

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