***Apostolic Missionary Journey Across UPDATE...***

posted Apr 6, 2015, 7:23 PM by Bishop John Aguilar   [ updated Sep 5, 2018, 10:14 AM ]


As you may know... God directed our family to take a Apostolic Missionary Across America... bringing a last day message of Preparing the Bride Of Christ.  It was NO ordinary journey.  God as called us to conduct this Cross Country Trip in the same manner as we do any other Mission Trip Oversees... taking no offering. It was very fruitful for the Kingdom...

We want to thank all those who supported us financial.... We Thank God for you

Toward the end of 2016... we were giving a Prophetic Word... that we had "Past the Test... We Had Laid our Isaac on the Table"... and included in that Word was a Mandate to Plant a Headquarters for Shepherds Of Grace International here in the USA.

So as we Prepared to Go West and see where the Lord would have us plant a Headquarters/Mother Church... the Lord began to unfold His plan in the Aiken, SC, area.   We would have never thought to liquidate all that we had... just to come back to the Aiken Area where we began... just to start over again... 

The Lord made it clear... that he is still our provider... and we must continue to depend on Him.

Through direction and confirmation of the Lord... as we were teaching at what was then... Faith Riders Fellowship Church... the Lord brought the Church and Shepherds Of Grace International to begin to establish a mother church

To those who may say... "I thought God said... go across country..." why are you Pastoring now...

           God told Abraham to take Isaac and put him on the altar as a sacrifice... did Abraham get to kill Isaac... No... but he was            obedient to do what God said... and God directed him in a different direction... Did it make Abraham a liar... or God a                 liar... NO... Abraham just past the test... God was looking for and rewarded Abraham's obedience

So... does anyone have the right to say to Abraham... you said God said... why you coming back with your Son?

Are there people who use the words "God Said"... carelessly... YES... but anyone who knows us or SOGI... knows that we are very careful to say anything unless we are sure that God has spoken.

As for me and my family... ours is not to question why the change... ours is to be... obedient.

It was not easy at our age in life... to up root and leave our house of 8 years... liquidate most all we had... entrust a lot of our stuff to people who were suppose to sell and send us half... to never receive any finances from our stuff... to live in a Motor-home for 10 months... home school our son in tight quarters... learn to live on less... trusting God to be our Administrator and Provider... but to God we gladly said Yes... 

We would have not had it any other way... we have learned that Serving God you must give up ALL... you must be "ALL IN"... knowing that it will be inconvenient... you will be taken advantage of... misunderstood... betrayed... talked about... judged and forsaken... but there are also rewards of planting, watering, and reaping a harvest... pleasing our Creator God and fulfilling the purpose that we were placed on this planet.   So we care not of what others think as long as we are obedient to God and living a life fruitful and pleasing to Him.

Now... this next part of the Journey... we are Planting a Church in Aiken County, South Carolina... presently meeting in a home, at... 279 Chalk Bed Rd, Graniteville, SC.

We are raising up Leadership for this Last Day Move of God.   A Church with a mandate of:  Knowing God... Loving One Another... and Preparing People for Ministry... to complete the Mission of Reaching People for Christ and Changing the World Together.

Come and Grow with Us...

Sunday Services  -  10 am and 6 pm

Thursday  - 7pm

Visit our Church Website:  www.sogcaiken.org

Shepherds Of Grace International mailing address remains the same:

Shepherds Of Grace International

P.O. Box 5336

Aiken, South Carolina, 29804