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The Hardest thing in Ministry... is Keeping the Ministry Pure... this book is written to apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. In the last days there is a great falling away... and it is here now. The son's of Issachar, knew the times in which they lived and they knew what to do.Many Ministers know the time in which we live... but few really know what to do in the day in which we live.

Are we producing the caliber of Christian that we see in the Book of Acts? 

We must go back to the methods that raised the caliber of Christians Disciple, that turns the world upside down... for it is not about our programs, events, performance or numbers... how many we attract and keep... it is about what we are truly producing at the end of the day.  

We can no longer raise a generation of people who pick and choose, serving Christ on there own terms. Again, where the head goes, the body follows... so it is time for leadership to get back to the purity of the Gospel. 

100% of the proceeds of this book will go to support mission efforts of Shepherds Of Grace International.

Thank you for your support.

Come check out this Amazing Church Family...

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Shepherds of Grace Church Aiken... we are an All Nations, Cross Cultural, Spirit Filled Book of Acts Family... Empowering People for Destiny.

We are real and not religious and our vision is:

Knowing God
Loving One Another
Preparing People for Ministry

And Engaging in Ministry

We are a church that makes Sunday mornings worth getting up for.  For we seek God more then goosebumps... His Presence more then Celebrities... True Worship not entertainment and His Power rules not politics... 

A Spirit-filled, Last Day, Book of Acts Church


All are Welcome... but we also know because of our intensity for God and mandate to serve Christ for His Glory... we are aware that not everyone is comfortable... we are not a church for those who desire to attend once or twice a week and just feel socially connected. 


As a "Book of Acts" Church. it is our desire to be an active part of this "last day harvest" while growing spiritually into all that God has for us.  And know this:


"No One Grows Spiritual by Accident".


So as a body of believers, we focus on servant-hood, sacrifice, righteous living, spiritual growth, accountability, honor, respect, loyalty, with each person both young and older, being an active part of Knowing God, Loving one Another, Preparing for Ministry, and Engaging in bringing in a Harvest of Souls for the Kingdom of God.

I want to personally invite you to come and worship God with us in one of our services:

Sunday Morning -  :10 am

Sunday Night Service - 6 pm
Wednesday Night - 7pm.

Come join our family and Together, We Can Make A Difference... Reaching People for Christ and Changing the World Together.  


                                             See you soon 

Shepherds Of Grace International Mother Church in USA...

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We are happy announce that Faith Fellowship Church, has changed it's name to  Shepherds Of Grace Church Aiken... and is now meeting at 279 Chalk Bed Rd, Graniteville, SC. 

"Shepherds Of Grace Church Aiken" ... is the Headquarters of 
Shepherds Of Grace International in the USA. 

Bishop John Aguilar and his wife Manjaree will be Pastors.   If your in the Aiken South Carolina Area... Join them for Services... Sunday Morning 10 am, Sunday Evening 6 pm, and Thursday 7pm.

Teaching Spiritual Growth...

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Our Bishop John Aguilar will be Teaching "Spiritual Growth" every Thursday night, 7pm, at Faith Fellowship Church, 157 Frontage Road, Aiken, South Carolina.  All are Welcome.

UPDATE: Cross-Country Missionary Journey

posted Aug 11, 2016, 7:39 AM by Bishop John Aguilar

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support... we have had wonderful, fruitful ministry to the Glory of God in Pennsylvania... Maryland... New Jersey... North Carolina... again...thank you for your prayers... more prayer more power...

It has been a true adventure... and every obstacle turned about for HIS GLORY!

We have had two tires blow out and each time a God moment with the tireman.... we have also had to replace the generator... also a time of witness and encouragement...   

Presently we are stationary in the Columbia SC area for a few... our A/C has gone out and we are waiting on repairs...  

Our prayer requests:

    1.  God will continue to lead and guide us
    2.  Safety and and good health
    3.  Continued Harvest of Souls, strenghtheing of the churches and leadership in body of Christ.


     1.  Financial Need - We do not beg nor ask... we just let you know that there is a financial need to cover 6 RV tires, RV 4000 generator (internal which runs of gas tank), and Roof A/C.  

Should the Holy Spirit have you be a part, we thank God for you.  to donate online go to:

Or make a donation by postal serves:

       Shepherds of Grace International
          P.O. Box 5336
         Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

NOTE: in the memo of your check write:  Cross Country

( if you are interested in individual cost of items, you can email us)

Blessings to you,

          bishop john, manjaree and josiah
Bishop John J. Aguilar
Shepherds Of Grace International


posted Jun 5, 2016, 7:12 PM by Bishop John Aguilar


Please pray for us as we step our in faith... we do not have all the finances needed but we believe that we are not to wait but step out in faith.   The Lord has provided us with a 1995 Fleetwood Flair in which we are thankful.   

Here are a few ways you can be involved in Ministry with us...:

1.  Partner with us in Prayer.   Pray for us Daily... more prayer... more power. 

2.  Financial support... expense of this Missionary Journey... gas, food, ministry needs of the churches we will minister, etc...

We will not take any offering, gift or finances for ourselves at any church that God sends us

for we are there to be a blessing and not take..

Be a part of this missionary journey by supporting us monthly with a financial gift or one time financial gift of any amount.

Or consider a financial gift toward the 10,000-13,000 miles of this journey by  donating by the mile... which means:

                    $5 equals sending us 5 miles down the road... 

                    $50 = 50 miles down the road... 

                    $100 equals sending us 100 miles down the road.   

As we already mentioned, we estimate traveling 10-13 thousand miles.  (Did you know? - Paul's missionary journeys combined were over 10,000 miles)  

Consider being a part of this Apostolic Missionary Journey... we need your Prayers and Financial Support

To donate toward this Cross Country Missionary Effort, please make checks out to Shepherds of Grace International and write in the memo section of your check "CC Misionary Journey", and send your donation to:

Shepherds Of Grace International

P.O. Box 5336

Aiken, South Carolina, 29804


Thank you for your support.

Where are the Christians that are of the caliber of the book of ACTS???

posted Dec 15, 2015, 12:45 PM by Bishop John Aguilar   [ updated Mar 20, 2016, 2:45 PM ]

A Book of Acts Church almost seems to be a rare thing in the times in which we live today, 

but the Church that God intended... the Church that the Gates of Hell would not prevailed against... 

was birthed in the Book of Acts and the true way it should be established and function has never changed.


The Book of Acts Church is what the world needs today and it is what Followers of Christ are called to be..


Today's Church is NOT producing the same caliber of Christianity as those Christians in the Book of Acts. 

But how can we when many Churches are so busy becoming "relevant", "contemporary", working to build there "own" kingdom, preaching motivational self help, make you feel good messages, while striving to becoming the happening place, so that they can draw the masses and offer something that would keep them coming so that they can meet the bills and call themselves a thriving ministry.  

Many Churches are spending more money on salaries, buildings, programs and marketing the church as a corporate business and calling it "ministry".

In doing so, we have trained the body of Christ to become more interested in buildings, programs, positions, titles and entertainment rather then a real "book of Acts" Christianity.  So much so that if a Church is not meeting in a nice building somewhere... then it is not considered a valid ministry.

Think about it....   if you meet in a "home"...  do not pay your "pastor"... "staff"... "music director" or "musicians"... spend most of your budget on "missions", "feeding the hungry" and the "needs of people".   If you spend the Wednesday night service in "prayer" only... and what some would call Sunday School, is spend in teaching people how to "win their world for Christ"... and every member during the week is sharing Christ, fishing for men... and in your main service the pastor is equipping people to live a selfless, sacrificing, servanthood....  the ministry is "people"... the ministry is work... laboring for the Kingdom... type of lifestyle.... Many would not attend.

You see, should you invite people to this kind of Church... many people in the community may not consider it to be a "real Church" or "ministry"...  for many people can not get past that you are meeting in the "home"... and think to themselves that you must not be a "real" Church.... for we have been taught that bigger is better.... and technology is a sign of success.

Yet this type of home Church that is selfless, servant minded, actively reaching the world for Christ... body of believers describes the "Book of Acts New Testament Church"

Now are you saying that we must go back to this kind of Church.... YES... I am saying we must go back to the methods that raised the caliber of Christians that were meeting from house to house... for it is not were we meet... it is about what we are truly producing at the end of the day.

            Reality is... the only way to produce Christians of the same Caliber of those in the Book of Acts... is to model the Church after             that of the Book of Acts... those Christians who "loved not their life even unto death"... those Christians were selfless...                        sacrificing... servants who considered themselves bought with a price and no longer their own.

They were so in love with Jesus that there purpose and priority in life was to be fisher's of men, bring men and women into the kingdom and make disciples.

In Acts two, 3000 were added to the church... in the fourth chapter 5000 were added to the church... by the eight chapter persecution has scattered the church as far as Samara and Saul was dragging men and women to prison and the bible tells us that while the apostles stayed in Jerusalem, the church, the 8000 were preaching the Gospel everywhere. Not the Apostles but the Church folk.

The system of the Book of Acts to established and operate the Church was nothing like the system that we use today. In the Book of Acts the system looked more like this:

  1. Started with the disciples fishing for men and making disciples who would make disciples

  2. They operated in true unconditional love and unity

  3. They were a true family having all things in common

  4. The met from house to house

  5. They continued in Apostles doctrine, prayer and breaking of bread

  6. They operated in the power of the Holy Spirit and became an unstoppable force, turning there world upside down

  7. God added to the Church daily such that would be saved.

Think about it... every follower of Christ was in “full-time” ministry and there is:    

    1.  No Building
    2.  No Programs
    3.  No sound system or equipment
    4.  No Pastor's Salary
    5.  No Paid Worship Leaders
    6.  No Paid Musicians
    7.  No scheduled revival, miracle or healing services

With $0 overhead... think of the money that can go to pure ministry... feed the hungry... caring for widows and orphans... fullfulling the Great Commission.

Not to mention... no expenses on church anniversaries or 5 day pastor appreciations... no more centering ministry around personalities,  talent and gifting.   Only Celebrating Jesus. 

Could it be that we have done Church our own way for so long that many have convinced themselves that what they have done for years is the way Church should be done, yet not realizing the way we have been doing Church in our day... is NOT BIBLICAL.

I must say... it is SO SAD that many in our communities would rather go to a place where they can blend in... pick and choose.... a "turn-key" Church that has all the programs for all the age groups... that is entertaining and non confronting of my "issues" of life... a place where I pay my tithe to not have responsibilities... and "leave Church up to the "professionals"... the pastor and his staff....  a place that will turn there heads to a persons faults (sins) and build people living in sin, up with something motivational that makes them feel better about myself, but do not hold them accountable for many people like their issues (sins) after all, we are taught that life is about "Me"... 

Please understand, I am not against the Church, for Jesus is coming back for the Church... but I am presenting the ugly reality the Church is facing today and how we got here.   The ugly reality is... ministers over the last 100+ years have done a poor job of passing down the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.   In an effort to "help" God reach people... they have compromised and brought every type of method of the world, into the Church, taking the principles of business and using them to build a church.

It is a "Leadership Issue"... for where the head goes... the body follows.

There are no bad students... just bad teachers... and in our day... teachers who were once students who had a bad teacher.

Now in many places, in the effort to have "Church", we have trained people to be "entertained"... to join a social group because anyone who is "anyone" is a part of this.... and to even go as far as to be careful not to offend anyone.  We have compromised and "sold-out" to the world so much that when a real persecution comes... and it will very soon...  this type of people will compromise and sell-out... because they love their "own life" more then the cause of Christ... they love their comfort... food... cars... houses.... titles... positions in community... vices and issues.... and do not understand real sacrifice, servanthood, or selflessness.  

You may say that I am judgmental or being to hard.... then test yourself... take away facebook, twitter and all access to the internet, cell phone, or any love or hobby... for one month... and I suspect... within the first 24 hours someone will be going through.... "withdraws"...   you see... this is how you will find out what you are really addicted too...   you may not be a drug addict... but we have created a church full of people who are good people... but addicted to their technology... toys... hobbies... self.

                Ministry is People....   but in so many places pastors have focus more on buildings, programs, technology and growth... and                 as a result... we have given birth to a monster that needs to be fed.

That 3-30+ million dollar building mortgage, overhead and salaries are now the beast they have to feed.... in order to do that... many pastors have put real faith aside and implement "business stradegies"... "marketing technics"... and methods in the name of God and Faith... to make this next Church service more  impressive, sensational and entertaining then the last service so that I can get more people to come... stay... and help me "FEED the BEAST"

This is done in order to validate his vision and ministry... and show the world that it is a "success"...  and it also becomes the measuring stick or symbol of his "anointing". and this launches him into a need to write books... and any other thing that can contribute to feeding the beast or making me wealthy.... and it is all justify by self declaring phrases, some which is from scripture like:   "Spirit of Excellence"... "I am a Child of the King"... "Head not Tail"... "Born to Prosperity"... "Money Cometh unto Me"... "I can have what I want... I can have what I decree"... connecting much of this to seed time and harvest or reaping a havest and many times taking scripture out of content.

I want to Remind you.... Whenever Jesus spoke of harvest it was about souls.

Pastors... Preachers... Ministers...  we must Repent! and put away a "selfserving gospel"

If we are going to produce the caliber of Christians that God desires... WE MUST GET BACK TO THE BOOK OF ACTS.

We believe the Church that God intended... the Church that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against is the Church that was birth in the Book of Acts. Time does not change this, culture does not change this for God has not changed, His intention was His followers to be an unstoppable force of disciple makers.

This is what we should go back to as followers of Jesus. For how the Church was birth is how it will go out... like the Book of Acts... under persecution, imprisonment, but unstoppable power.

Come and join us as we follow Jesus like those who have gone before is in the Book of Acts.

    Not Just a thought......  a call to ministers for action 
                                 -bishop john

2015 AWAKE Conference...

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(The Conference is provided FREE, but has Limited seating, registration is encouraged)

Shepherds Of Grace International
 Preacher 2 Preacher
"Keeping the Ministry Pure"


November 6th and 7th


Bethel Evangel Community Church
801 "I" Street
Brunswick, GA 31525

***Apostolic Missionary Journey Across UPDATE...***

posted Apr 6, 2015, 7:23 PM by Bishop John Aguilar   [ updated Sep 5, 2018, 10:14 AM ]


As you may know... God directed our family to take a Apostolic Missionary Across America... bringing a last day message of Preparing the Bride Of Christ.  It was NO ordinary journey.  God as called us to conduct this Cross Country Trip in the same manner as we do any other Mission Trip Oversees... taking no offering. It was very fruitful for the Kingdom...

We want to thank all those who supported us financial.... We Thank God for you

Toward the end of 2016... we were giving a Prophetic Word... that we had "Past the Test... We Had Laid our Isaac on the Table"... and included in that Word was a Mandate to Plant a Headquarters for Shepherds Of Grace International here in the USA.

So as we Prepared to Go West and see where the Lord would have us plant a Headquarters/Mother Church... the Lord began to unfold His plan in the Aiken, SC, area.   We would have never thought to liquidate all that we had... just to come back to the Aiken Area where we began... just to start over again... 

The Lord made it clear... that he is still our provider... and we must continue to depend on Him.

Through direction and confirmation of the Lord... as we were teaching at what was then... Faith Riders Fellowship Church... the Lord brought the Church and Shepherds Of Grace International to begin to establish a mother church

To those who may say... "I thought God said... go across country..." why are you Pastoring now...

           God told Abraham to take Isaac and put him on the altar as a sacrifice... did Abraham get to kill Isaac... No... but he was            obedient to do what God said... and God directed him in a different direction... Did it make Abraham a liar... or God a                 liar... NO... Abraham just past the test... God was looking for and rewarded Abraham's obedience

So... does anyone have the right to say to Abraham... you said God said... why you coming back with your Son?

Are there people who use the words "God Said"... carelessly... YES... but anyone who knows us or SOGI... knows that we are very careful to say anything unless we are sure that God has spoken.

As for me and my family... ours is not to question why the change... ours is to be... obedient.

It was not easy at our age in life... to up root and leave our house of 8 years... liquidate most all we had... entrust a lot of our stuff to people who were suppose to sell and send us half... to never receive any finances from our stuff... to live in a Motor-home for 10 months... home school our son in tight quarters... learn to live on less... trusting God to be our Administrator and Provider... but to God we gladly said Yes... 

We would have not had it any other way... we have learned that Serving God you must give up ALL... you must be "ALL IN"... knowing that it will be inconvenient... you will be taken advantage of... misunderstood... betrayed... talked about... judged and forsaken... but there are also rewards of planting, watering, and reaping a harvest... pleasing our Creator God and fulfilling the purpose that we were placed on this planet.   So we care not of what others think as long as we are obedient to God and living a life fruitful and pleasing to Him.

Now... this next part of the Journey... we are Planting a Church in Aiken County, South Carolina... presently meeting in a home, at... 279 Chalk Bed Rd, Graniteville, SC.

We are raising up Leadership for this Last Day Move of God.   A Church with a mandate of:  Knowing God... Loving One Another... and Preparing People for Ministry... to complete the Mission of Reaching People for Christ and Changing the World Together.

Come and Grow with Us...

Sunday Services  -  10 am and 6 pm

Thursday  - 7pm

Visit our Church Website:  www.sogcaiken.org

Shepherds Of Grace International mailing address remains the same:

Shepherds Of Grace International

P.O. Box 5336

Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

SOGI - "Keeping the Ministry Pure" Conference...

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The Shepherds of Grace International
2 Annual
"Keeping the Ministry Pure"
Developing Last Day's Leadership
for a Last Days Remnant
September 5th & 6th
 Brunswick, Georgia

The hardest thing in ministry… is keeping the ministry pure… 
and as you may know… 
where the head goes the body follows…

We need a place where Iron Sharpens Iron… a place where, we become transparent about the leadership issues facing the ministry today… a place where Minister’s and Leaders can discuss the many pitfalls and problems in ministry… but also challenge each other… seeking out Godly Solutions… That place is the:

"Keeping the Ministry Pure” Conference"

In these "Last Days", we must get back to Shepherding, Equipping and Developing Disciples like those in the book of Acts who set the world on fire. This Conference is specifically designed for Pastors, Ministers, and Lay Leaders, but we invite everyone to attend. We desire to develop leadership that resembles those of the book of
Acts, so we are providing this Conference for FREE.  There is limited seating, please register in advance.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis and will be taken at the door, but 
to guarantee your seating, you are advised to submit your register by: September 4th

Send your Name, Address, Church position, Phone Number, Email address and name of the Church or Ministry that you are a part of, along with the number of those attending, by email, too:


If you cannot travel to Brunswick for the "Keeping the Ministry Pure Conference"... September 5th and 6th...
You can Listen to the "Keeping the Ministry Pure Conference" LIVE... 

We will be streaming online live the entire conference, beginning at 7pm on Friday night, and 8am to 5pm on Saturday... 

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