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Every Saturday, 9am to 10am... Women gather for pray at Faith Fellowship Church, 157 W. Frontage Road, Aiken, South Carolina.   All Women are welcome to join us.

AWAKE Conference 2015... September 25th & 26th

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Shepherds Of Grace International
 Preacher 2 Preacher
"Keeping the Ministry Pure"


September 25th and 26th

University Parkway Church
761 University Parkway
Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

This Conference is specifically designed for Pastors, Ministers, and Lay Leaders, but all are welcome to register and attend.  We desire to develop a "Last Day Leadership" that resembles those of the book of Acts, so we are providing this Conference for FREE  (Note: Limited Seating, pre-registration is encouraged)  

    To Register Online... Click AWAKE Logo:  
Click to Register
          Email your Name, address, phone number and the number of people that will be 
          attending in your party to:  staff@shepherdsofgrace.org

Or...   to register by postal serves, send the same information to: 

SOGI Awake Conference
P.O. Box 5336
Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

God is coming back for the true Church of the Living God... and that Bride is to be without spot or wrinkle.  Tis Last Day Church is to be a spiritual Church, a Church that is operating in 
demonstration and dunamis power.  We must prepare the way of the Lord by preparing the Bride of Christ.  

Through the Five Fold Ministry, we are called to the equipping of the saints “…till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son  of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ”  This is how the Bride is to be prepared.
 Our focus will be on the Supernatural Manifestation that is missing today... in the 5-Fold Ministry, and how to operate in the Supernatural Manifestation that God intended for equipping the saints.

This Leadership Conference is sponsored by Shepherds Of Grace International, 99.9 WUCC,
University Parkway Church, Spiritual Freedom Network, and SOGI Nails.

Keeping the Ministry Pure Conference Sept. 5th & 6th

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The Shepherds of Grace International
2 Annual
"Keeping the Ministry Pure"
Developing Last Day's Leadership
for a Last Days Remnant

September 5th & 6th
 Brunswick, Georgia

The hardest thing in ministry… is keeping the ministry pure… 
and as you may know… 
where the head goes the body follows…

We need a place where Iron Sharpens Iron… a place where, we become transparent about the leadership issues facing the ministry today… a place where Minister’s and Leaders can discuss the many pitfalls and problems in ministry… but also challenge each other… seeking out Godly Solutions… That place is the:

"Keeping the Ministry Pure” Conference"

In these "Last Days", we must get back to Shepherding, Equipping and Developing Disciples like those in the book of Acts who set the world on fire. This Conference is specifically designed for Pastors, Ministers, and Lay Leaders, but we invite everyone to attend. We desire to develop leadership that resembles those of the book of
Acts, so we are providing this Conference for Free.  There is limited seating, please register in advance.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis,
to secure a seat, you must submit your register by: August 25th

Send your Name, Address, Church position, Phone Number, Email address and name of the Church or Ministry that you are a part of, along with the number of those attending, to:

SOGI Keeping the Ministry Pure Conference
P.O. Box 5336
Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

or email the information to:  staff@shepherdsofgrace.org

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation of your registration and the number of seats you have reserved withing 7 days.

There are many Hotel's within 10 miles of the Church, which varies from $5 - $120 per night.  Please Make your reservations at least 7 -14 days in advance.  For Hotel selections you can Google search:  "Hotels near U.U. 341, Brunswick, Georgia".

Our Host Hotel this year will be Circle 8 - we have a Flat Rate of $52.16 (this includes tax) for any room (single king, double queen).  When you make your hotel reservations, tell them you are a part of the "Shepherds of Grace International Group".

                    Circle 8 (on Hwy, 341, and I-95)
                    5280 New Jesup Hwy, I-95, exit 36B
                    Brunswick, Georgia, 31520
                    (912) 264-8800

Conference Brochure can be downloaded by the link below.

This Leadership Conference is sponsored by:
 Shepherds of Grace International 
and their members, and
 and their members


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If you are a Christian Women in the Aiken, South Carolina Area... and you believe in fasting and prayer and desire to join with other Christian women for a time of Fasting, Prayer and fellowship...  then call Manjaree at:  803-507-8614 for more information on how you can be involved.

Preacher 2 Preacher LIVE..

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Preacher 2 Preacher LIVE is a broadcast of Shepherds Of Grace International

Preacher to Preacher weekly Radio Program on WUCC 99.9, a local radio station near Aiken South Carolina.

The format is a place where Iron Sharpens Iron… a place where, we become transparent about the leadership issues facing the ministry today… a place where Minister’s and Leaders can discuss the many pitfalls and problems in ministry… but also challenge each other… seeking out Godly Solutions…

"Preacher to Preacher LIVE"  broadcasts every Monday Night at 7:00 pm (Eastern time), on WUCC 99.9. and streams online at:    wucc.streamon.fm

This program specifically designed for anyone who is involved in ministry leadership… so tune in and join us on facebook, during the Broadcast and post your Questions and Comments at:

Visit our Preacher 2 Preacher website at:       sogipreacher2preacher.org

(The program will air live every Monday at 7pm and replay ever Tuesday at 2pm.)


posted Nov 6, 2013, 7:54 AM by Bishop John Aguilar


November 8th, 9th & 10th

Speakers: George and Ruth Ryland

                Location:  University Parkway Church of God
                                1761 University Parkway
                        Aiken, South Carolina, 29801

                Services Begin:

                     -  Friday Service:  7 pm 
                 (General Prayer from 6 pm to 6:30 pm)
                     -  Saturday Morning Meet and Greet:  9 am
                     -  Saturday Evening Service:  6 pm
                 (General Prayer from 6 pm to 6:30 pm)

*There is No Charge for this Event
 but a Love Offering will be taken.

George and Ruth Ryland are from Johannesburg, South Africa. The Lord has assigned them to go on a journey through the USA with a “Now” message for this nation. 

Join us in these meetings for ‘The Lord is going to upgrade you. He is going to take you from faith to faith until He has broken through for you as a breakthrough of waters and you will so be blessed that in the history of your family no one has ever reached such heights of blessing. It’s an upward move for you and an exit from the old life and bursting into the new.’ 
                                         - George Ryland

            For More Information Contact:
                Steve Hall - (803) 646-9904
                Email - Steve@cschrist.com          

              Bishop John Aguilar. - (803) 617-9571
               Email -bishop@shepherdsofgrace.org

This Community Event is Sponsored by WUCC. 99.9 Radio “The Voice of Truth” 

               Find us online:  www.cwchrist.com and listen live 


Shepherds of Grace International Leadership Conference... FREE

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Dear Family and Friends,

We Invite you to join us in Brunswick, Georgia....  August 23rd - 24th

It is our desire to be an asset to the local Church and local Ministries by providing a free workshop for the benefit of church leaders and membership. 

           John Wesley once said, "If I had three hundred men who fear nothing but      God, hated nothing but sin, and determined to                     know nothing among men but Christ and Him crucified, I would set the world on fire."

This quote is powerful and inspiring, but as “Last Day Ministers and Pastors", but we still seem to be waiting for three hundred men like this to come along.  

Let us wait no longer!  We must get back to Shepherding, Equipping and Developing Disciples like those in the book of Acts who set the world on fire. 

So we cordially invite your church leaders and members to join us in Brunswick, Georgia, for our SOGI Leadership Conference on August 23rd & 24th.

        **  FREE of Charge, NO offering will be taken.**

 (Note:  everyone is responsible for their own lodging and transportation)

The Conference will be held at the Bethel Evangel Community Church, 801 I Street, Brunswick, Georgia and will start with a free dinner on Friday 5:30pm and a Service to follow at 7pm.  On Saturday we will begin with a free continental breakfast at 7:15 followed by workshops that will continue all day and concluding by 4pm.  (Lunch is not included but there will be a box lunch provided for $7 which is optional)


To Register, please send the name, address and phone number of each person that will be attending, by August 15th, to:

 Shepherds Of Grace International
 P.O. Box 5336
 Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

                                Or, email the information to:  


New SOGI Radio Broadcast Online Streaming...

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Listen to "Preacher to Preacher" with Bishop John Aguilar, every Sunday morning at 9:15... streaming online:  wucc.streamon.fm

Pray for Pastor Saiffa and his family... his wife, Manie passed... It is such a unexpected and sudden loss

posted Mar 19, 2013, 2:30 PM by Bishop John Aguilar

We have received news that Pastor Sam Siaffa wife, Manie has crossed over to Glory.  It is such a unexpected and sudden loss.

Manie Siaffa, was the mother of seven children, the wife of Sam Siaffa, Pastor of The Day of Pentecost Church, and the Womb 10/40 Women's Leader for District 14, of Monrovia Liberia.  

She was a Great Women of God and our hearts are heavy.  Pray for Pastor Siaffa and his family.

                           Condolences from Shepherds of Grace International Bishop and First Lady Aguilar can be downloaded below

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