About Us

Our Purpose:

Women on Mission Broadcast is the effort to bring women in America and the other parts of the world together to promote Unity in "The Body Of Christ" and make them aware of the necessity of missionary work in 10/40 window.

Women On Mission Broadcast has the vision to help women to walk on their calling, help them to know their part in ministry and missions, make them aware of their potential and capability, encourage them and help them to grow and bloom for the Kingdom work. As they are part of "Missions" which is "THE HEARTBEAT OF GOD".

We have been blessed to be a Christian nation, but many of the nations situated in 10 and 40 north of the equator either have denied the gospel or because of the less or no efforts to reach, kept them unaware of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In most of these nations Christians have been killed, burnt alive, persecuted in various ways christian women are raped and left wounded or killed. Most of these incidents never reach to the newscast.

Because of the multi-religion and multi-culture life outside the American continent may seem different to many of us yet we have to obey the great commission. Women On Mission Broadcast 10/40 (WOMB 10/40) is the Women's Division of Shepherds Of Grace International (SOGI) www.shepherdsofgrace.org

Manjaree Aguilar

Director of WOMB 10/40

Manjaree is raised in a orthodox Christian Family and after a personal experience in her spiritual walk she became spirit-filled. She was called for the ministry as a child but years she ran from the calling. Finally God got a hold of her and her ministry started among women. She administrated and served Literacy Mission in India, for women, in the inner-city as well as being involved in various other women and children’s ministries. Mrs. Aguilar graduated from Janson Memorial Higher Secondary School, India. Went on to persue the bachelor's degree in Political Science, Literature, and Nutrition to Barktullah University. She has her professional Diploma in Graphic Arts and Information Technologies. For years she ran her own business as Graphic artist and Graphic teacher.

Our Vision

We are marching towards the Goal and our goal is " Reaching people for Christ and changing the world".

We don't need to be recognized, praised or rewarded by this world. We live by faith, lifted up by prayers and guided by the Holy Spirit.

We are disciples and the servant of Christ Jesus and ready for any persecution, or trial and also ready to die for His name sake (Rev 2:10) for we firmly belive if we endure these things we shall recieve the crown of life from our saviour. We are preparing a generation who knows Gods plans and purpose for their lives, always ready to run towards their destiny.

We want to be faithful and obedient to the Great Commission, we want to be obedient to God, so He can fulfill His promises in our lives.

We desire to be recognised when Jesus comes and hear Him say, "Well Done! My good and faithful servant".

Statment of Purpose

To promote unity among the body of Christ, as we make women aware of "God's plan and purpose" in their lives. Bringing women together from all over the world, to labor in the harvest fields of Christ. We believe the field belongs to God and we are only His laborers (Eph. 6:7).

We are women. "fearfully and wonderfully made"! So we shall endeavor to encourage all women. No matter where we have been or what have we done, because of His grace, God is the same and His plan and purpose for our life, does not change.

Let us join hands and begin now, for this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice, praise Him and start working for His glory. Amen!

If you are a Christian Woman and want to participate in our Fasting and Prayer, or like to be the Correspondent representing your country, please contact our director of Nations by email: manjaree@womb1040.org.