Free Software Guide (Freeware)

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In this web page you will find a selection of totally free, secure and reliable software to make your computer secure, faster and legal!

Free Software is a real alternative. There are a bunch of companies that are giving free software for homes users and many great programmers that want to improve or create a service for free. In these programs you won't find any hidden application, any advertisement or anything unsafe.

The most important steps to follow in case that you want to remove any program for whatever reason is to go to:

Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Hardware. Then search in the list the software to be removed and press the button Remove or Change/Remove.

If you install these programs, you will greatly improve the security and the performance of your computer!

1. Free Anti-Virus Software:

If you do not have any anti-virus, or it has expired, then you might be thinking on an alternative. If you decide that the renewal costs are not worth taking them, then these programs give you an alternative. In any case, you should have always a fully updated and installed Anti-Virus.

This list contains 3 of the most reliable Free Anti-virus free to use. Just press on the name of the software and it will be linked directly to the download web-page:

AntiVir Personal Edition: A classic german anti-virus, with millions of users worldwide. My favorite.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition: A good alternative to AntiVir, but a little bit heavier.

Microsoft Security Essentials: Only available if you have an original Microsoft Windows software.

2. Free Anti-Spyware, Adware Remover:

Super Anti-Spyware: Removes all the spyware and is free for home users. It's light and easy to use. The best software according to tests done by experts.

Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and remove malicious software from your computer. Malwarebytes can provide the needed assistance to remove the infection.

I recomend donwloading both of them.

3. Alternative Browser to IExplorer

Mozilla Firefox: A much more secure, stable and faster browser than Internet Explorer. The great amoung of add-ons makes it usable for every possible requirement. 

Google Chrome: This is another good alternative browser from internet explorer. This is the fastest browser available, but without the great apps available for Firefox.

4. Free Registry Cleaner:

Easy Cleaner (Toni Arts): This is tiny and great software that improves the performance of the computer. The most important utilities to start are Registry (registry cleaner), Unnecessary (detects unnecessary files) and Startup (to stop the automatic starting of application at the Startup of Windows. 

CCleaner: Another great application to clean registries, find unnecessary files, clean the browsers and make your computer faster.

5. Free ZIP Utility (For Compression):

7-ZipHave you ever feel annoyed by the WinZip trial version that pops up every time you try to open a file? Well, there is a great software that does the same as WinZip but without any trial period, secure and free. Just be careful to compress files in the standard zip format, so that everybody can use it (although the compression rates from the 7-Zip format are better!!) 7-Zip is a softwareproject, which produces free software for video, released under the GNU General Public License.

6. Free and Universal Media Player (Video Player)

VideoLAN: An amazing media player that plays almost any video or audio file around. There is no need to download extra codecs, it's very light so that old computers can also benefit from it. You can play DVD, VCD, mpg, use subtitles, etc. 

7. Free Office Applications

Open A reliable, compatible and truly alternative to the empire of Microsoft Office. All microsoft documents can be opened with Open Office, and in the worst case you will see some minor changes. Just give a try to this set of products. They are free to download, use and distribute and it contains the following applications:

  • Office Writer (Word processor),
  • Impress (to create Presentations),
  • Math (to create equations),
  • Draw (to create graphics and diagrams),
  • Calc (Spreadsheet),
  • Base (to create Data Bases)

You will be amazed on how good this set of applications work, and how such advanced features they have!
Para la versión en español: es openoffice

8. Alternative to Outlook:

Thunderbird: Secure and light email management system.

9. Alternative PDF Viewer:

Foxit Reader: Great light, small, fast and reliable alternative to adobe pdf reader.

10. Free PDF Printer/Writer:

BullZip: Works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application.

11. Free Image Editor:

GIMP: GIMP is an Image Manipulation Program and a great and free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It has been rated the best free image editor available.

12. Free Alternative to Windows OS:

Ubuntu: This is a great fast, secure operating system. This is a system made to simply work and to be able to use it even for the most inexpert people. It's intuitive, reliable, fast and it comes with all the software that you would need for the office, internet, graphics, video and games. Download the live cd to try Ubuntu from a CD without installing anything on a computer. If you like it, you can have Ubuntu together with Windows. Just follow the instructions:

For Ubuntu:

1.1) Download the iso file

2) Take a blank 700 MB CD and put it on the CD-ROM. Click on the downloaded iso file to burn it in the CD. Burn it at low-speed (8x or 12x). If you don't know how to do this, use 7-zip to open the file and copy all the content in the blank cd.

3) Restart the computer with the CD inside and be sure the computer is able to boot from the CD-ROM. Then press on Start Ubuntu.

Enjoy the great alternatives of Free and Open Software !!!

Other things:

- For removing the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Notification Tool, go to:  download removeWGA