-------------[Trailers of music-related films]---------------

 Elektronic music / Disco / DJ Culture

[It's All Gone Pete Tong]
 [Stark Raving Mad]
[Berlin Calling]

Jazz - Blues - R'N'B

[Sweet and Lowdown]
[The Legend of 1900]
[Cadillac Records]
[Blues Brothers]


[Little shop of horrors]
[Rocky Horror Picture Show]
[The Sound of Music]
[Romance & Cigarettes]
[The Producers]
[Dancer In The Dark]
[Moulin Rouge]

Films with super strong musical atmosphere

[Taxi Driver]
[Bronx Tale]
[Donnie Darko]
[Amelie from Montmartre]

Hip-hop Culture (rap, hip-hop, break, graffiti)

[Kickin It Old Skool]
 [Dance Flick]
[Beat Street]
 [8 Mile]

Pop - Rock

[Detroit Rock City]
[Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny]
[The Rocker]
[Music and Lyrics]
[High Fidelity]
[Rock Star]
[Walk the Line]

India & Bollywood