Robert about Elektrostudio Plugin Pack /2009.dec/

Thanks for your interest and sorry for late replying.
I will try to answer your questions but I do not know whether you will
glad.  My English may be somewhat "incomprehensible" :)

-Why did you decide to give away these synth for free?

I had some commercial plans few years ago, but it was naive and crazy idea.
Graphics, programing (even only modules for Synthedit), web design and web hosting, support,
testing and all other things, it too much for one man..
Next problem it's legalization and taxes, and cost of doing business is greater than income.

This plugs it's a simple SynthEdit tools. Maybe if my plugins was built from scratch in C++,
and worked for the Win, Mac, DX, RTAS, it can then I can think of commercial production.
Some day I promised to people it will be available and it is.

-If someone wants to donate to the developer(s) , can he do it?

I respect all the good intentions, and it's realy nice for me, but at this moment it is not possible. I must concentrate
on other very important things in my work and my life.
Maybe i'll be back to this theme yet, but not now. I would have to first change the bank account with support for paypal,
and resolve problem of taxes on donations. In Poland is very low limit for donations and very incomprehensible tax laws.
I think it would be better if the money would be in the musicians pocket than moneylenders.

-Who is the man behind elektrostudio / who are the developers (I didn't found anything about this on your webpage (

I am a musician. Programing, graphics and plugs it's only hobby.  Team never existed.
I have tried to establish cooperation, and even give my projects to other people but it does not work.
As someone said "If you want to be sure it will by done, do it yourself".
In fact, on my site does not have any information. Now this site is only a link to the files. I am not looking for popularity. I want only share my "toys".

-Why did you create softsynths that tries to emulate old hardware?

Becouse I am not too rich, but I am old ;).
The same question is: why i still have my lovely analog LP with Locomotive GT, Omega, Scorpio, Corvina, Bergendy, and many other from past:)
I think you know what I mean. I saw two old photos on your web site. I have similar :)
The same is true about my programs. I like old instruments, old movies, real music and sounds from my past.
"LGT-Circus" was my first album in collection and Hammond L122 with Ring
Modulator is in my plan. Besides, many other plugins, even commercial, has a very high CPU usage.
Of course, for my old PC set :)

Reasons for which I am doing it is many.
Several years ago, it was curiosity and passion, and now it is a habit, and sometimes it is easier for me to quickly build a simple program that
I need to have, than to find free versions on the Internet, which so often are not such as I want.
Now I have a lot of ready-made components and modules, so construction sometimes takes only moments.
Sure, if it is something small and simple.

-What kind of developments are planned for future releases of your synth pack / will there be a shareware (paying) version of any part of
the pack or these will remain freeware?

Today, there's no plan, but perhaps for some time i will introduces last changes to the current series.
And i have the next ten plugs that are already and they work. I have yet a few experimental programs.  We'll see.
However, I must first close the all older projects.
I think all my SE plugs will be always free.

Greetings from Poland