We have finally finished our Windows virtual studio setup kit!

Download this zip file and extract!
Run the .bat file! /should be placed in the same folder as wget.exe/

What is it?

Automated download that creates the following folder
C: \ SoftSynth_Hu - Virtual_Studio_Setup_Kit \
and populates it with the best freeware and shareware softwares needed for quality music making.

This virtual studio setup kit is ideal for beginners, who are new to digital music making and virtual studios.
The kit contains the smallest digital audio workstation ( Reaper: unlimited trial) ,
plugin instruments and effects , audio-cutting program (Audacity),
Standalone instruments (D-Lusion RDH3O+ for example), free sample libraries, etc..

For further description of the programs included, see this pdf: kit_description.pdf

These programs come down relatively quickly in the automated download, but at the end of the process there are some free sample libraries,
whose download time is longer.

You can shut down the .Bat file at any time, and when next time you start it, it will download only the unfinished elements.