CD Covers Tests / From the Year 2000 - 2006/

Each of these 7 Excel test contains 50 CD covers from the given year, Artist and Album are to be solved, so you can collect 100 points! If you put a "?" to the empty field of Artist or Album, You will get a small help - the number of words and the letters scrambled! Push F9 and the scrambled letters change to another position! You can use only one "?" at a time, so when you want to try help at another cover, delete the previous "?". Click these pictures to get the tests!

  CD Covers from 2000- CD Covers from 2001 CD Covers from 2002 CD Covers from 2003 CD Covers from 2004 CD Covers from 2005 CD Covers from 2006
Don't let a small obstacle stop you - I have written this test in Hungarian, so a little dictionary:

Előadó = Artist
Album = Album /one common word :) /

Virtual Instrument tests

Developer/company and program names are to be solved
, these test are similar to the cd test in this page. You can collect 100 points and you can receive help with "?". 
Titles are in hungarian, so in the rows where you see "Gyártó" write the name of the developer/company.

Freeware VSTI test

'Pro' VSTI test