Shim Research Group - Soft Matter Laboratory

The research of the Shim Research Group is focused on the design, fabrication and properties of soft electroactive materials for electrical, mechanical, optical, and bionic applications.

1) Next generation multifunctional electronic materials: Transparent conductors are essential electronic materials with numerous applications. Stretchable, foldable, compressible electronic material systems are now growing fast with novel application potential such as bionic contact lenses, hemispherical eye cameras, artificial skins, smart electronic textiles, and more.

2) Bioinspired structural composite materials: Spider silks, abalone shells, and human bones are only few examples of biomaterials with superior material properties. Their unique properties are originated from intelligently controlled hierarchical structures with commonly available nano-building blocks. We develop unprecedented biomimetic composites by unraveling the mysteries of superior biomaterials.

3) Implantable electroactive materials: Active artificial organs, including cochlear implants, artificial eyes, and prosthetic arms, require bio-signal communication system between our body and devices. One way to realize this communication is directly interfacing biocompatible functional materials to the electroactive tissues such as nerves and muscles. We develop biocompatible electroactive neural interface materials.