Soft Matter Day #2: Electric Boogaloo
When:  July 21, 2017
Where: Mount Holyoke College
Who: Everyone!
It's free and we'll feed you. 

  • Everyone is truly welcome for the whole day. We welcome faculty and students (of all ages) from other disciplines, as well as members of the public
  • Children are encouraged to attend the 12:30 - 2:30 Demos / Egg Drop Experiment

Questions? Email
Organizing Committee: Kerstin Nordstrom (MHC), Jenny Ross (UMass), Tony Dinsmore (UMass), Irene Dujovne (UMass)


In 2016, we decided to hold the first Soft Matter Day (Soft Matter Day #1) while pondering dropping eggs into oobleck. About 100 people attended, we had a great time and some really interesting talks, so we're doing it again. 

Photos from 2016 (Click on Photo to redirect)

Soft Matter Day #1