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Terms of Use

When you play any of our games or use our services on here or Soenix Servers, you are agreeing to the following below:

Terms of Use

Soenix Unblocked Games/Music

1) Copyrights
SUGM does not take ownership of any of the games, music, movies, and downloads located on this website.
Copyrights go towards the creators of the games, music, movies, and downloads.

2) Cookies
Some of our games listed on this website store information using the form cookies.
By playing these games, you're allowing the games to store data on your operating system.

3) Information
When emailing me about games/music to add or more information about advertising, you're allowing me to see your email and full name.
Although, no information will be given to any other party without your consent.

4) Advertising
When you chose to advertise your company, you must provide a .png or .gif file with your company.
Also, the advertisement must not be inappropriate such as containing nudity and etc..
Once you've paid for an advertisement to be uploaded on Soenix Servers, you may not get a refund.

Warning: If you would like to save your data on this website, please be sure not to clear cookies on your web browser.