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Interested In Supporting SUGM?

What is this page?
This page is a way to help us update the website for you guys with bigger and faster updates. Recently the Owner of SUGM has been busy with other projects so it's been hard to get work done on the website. Basically, what we're going to try to do is get donations from you guys. We understand most of you guys come here for free games and music and you can still do that, but we're hoping that some of you are generous enough to donate some money to the website. All of the money donated will go straight towards the website with new graphics, more games, more music, additional side features and more!

What specifically are you going to try to add with the donations?
We don't have specific games or music that we're going to try to add, but we're definitely going to be uploading them 4x faster than usual. Also, if we get enough money we're going to be adding a Movies section to the website. Other things we're going to try to do is work on implementing a search engine that allows you to look up stuff that is usually blocked on school and work computers (such as youtube videos and twitch streams); we're going to try and organize our games (like how we did with our music), instead of linking the YouTuber's videos, we'll try to embed the video into the website making it more accessible and so many other features that are definitely going to be worth donating towards.

What's your goal with donations and how much should I donate?
We really don't have a goal with donations, it's just the more we get from you guys the more we can spend time on the website and add more features to it. Although, when you're donating we recommend you donate a minimum of $1.

I want to donate, but what do I need to do it and where?
As of right now, the only way for you to donate to us is through PayPal. You can donate towards SUGM by clicking on this link.

Have any more questions?
Email us any further questions at soenixhelp@gmail.com and we'll respond within 24 hours!