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Movie - Despicable Me 3
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Game - The Impossible Quiz 2


Update 12/21/2018...
* Redesigned Home Page

Update 12/3/2018...
* Renamed General Chat Room to Soenix Chat
- Removed All Chat Rooms (Except General)

Update 12/1/2018...
+ Added West Coast (Song)
+ Added thank you, next (Song)
+ Added Lucid Dreams (Song)
+ Added Tequila (Song)
+ Added She Got the Best of Me (Song)
+ Added Could've Been (Song)
+ Added Neon Rider (Game)
+ Added Buddy (Game)
+ Added Get On Top (Game)
+ Added Free Rider 2 (Game)
+ Added Mario's Adventure 2 (Game)

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Song  -  Stay (3D)