D o w n l o a d   M u s i c s





In the past, we created a lot of musics for the commodore 64 chip, which can be downloaded here.

As a hobby, I sometimes also create musics on my synths, and guitars (just for fun). If you're interested, you can download a few of them at myspace. Some other musics can be downloaded here:

  • Fifth Axis Remix : A house cover of a C64 music by Gilles Soulet  from a game called Fifth Axis. This tune got stuck in my head for more than 15 years. I even got an email by the original author saying that he liked it (allthough some other scene-guys said I 'raped' the original :) )
  • Jam with the Priest : This was made at the time I was still living in a student house. One of my house-mates 'the Priest' :) played electric guitar, and made this composition together.
  • King of the Bongo : More a joke. It's a remix of the great manu chao song (this time I would agree if people would acuse me of raping the original :). But I still think it sounds funny.