Stop Drinking Soda



Four Steps to Prevent Yourself from Drinking More Soda

  1. Since soda is the first thing you reach for, start tricking yourself by pouring juice or other healthy beverages into the soda cans.
  2. If you still want soda, drink flavored water instead. 
  3. You can drink milk. 
  4. Take a water bottle to work or school which will give a better energy boost.

Six Tips for Giving Up Soda

  1. Get rid of the soda in your house, because it will be tempting to drink.
  2. While soda is sugary and sweet, water quenches the thirst that the body actually craves.
  3. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  4. Many say that you should slowly stop drinking soda so as not to go through caffeine withdrawal.
  5. Others say that you should quit once and for all. Both work but if you go through withdrawal try drinking some tea.  Tea is rich in antioxidants, prevents cavities, and protects the body from many health conditions.
  6. Do the thirty day challenge and decide to give up soda for thirty days.


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Healthier Life

            Preventing yourself from drinking soda can be a life saver in many ways.  It can prevent you from diseases such as obesity, tooth decay, and bone loss.  It also can help you stay fit and lose some extra pounds that soda causes.  Stopping yourself from drinking a glass is a benefit itself in terms that when drinking a glass of soda, the pH balance in your body lowers and you have to drink a lot of water to restore that acidity balance.



            When you stop drinking soda, you stop drinking caffeine.  When you do this you start experiencing side effects because of caffeine withdrawal.  One side effect is caffeine headache which is cause by the constriction of blood vessels and decrease of circulation to the brain.  This causes a throbbing pain in your head.  You also experience decreased energy levels to the point where one desires to lay down and do nothing.

In order to prevent this effect, you have to slow down the consumption of caffeine rather than stopping the caffeine consumption altogether.  First, drink half and half of a can, and then drink a quarter of a can with juice and water as alternatives.  After many repetitions of this process you, shall be free.

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Reasons to not drink soda

            Phosphorus, found in soft drinks, contributes to decreasing of calcium in the bones.  High fructose corn syrup, found in soda, contributes to diabetes and is also not absorbed in the body.  It is processed in the liver and is converted to fat.  Kids who drink soda have more cavities than those who don’t.  Caffeine and sugar cause dehydration.  Aspartame, found in diet soda, is made from formaldehyde and menthol which cause nerve damage, headaches, and blurred vision.  Aspartame also links to sugar cravings which can cause the body to want the sugar in another form.  Any type of soda can cause obesity.


Sweet but Deadly

            Because soda is a junk food and because it goes well with fries and hamburger, teens and children everywhere are drink it immensely.  The fact of the matter is that it is detrimental to the body in numerous ways.  It is unhealthy because when drunk in large or even little amounts it can be harmful to your body and your body’s pH balance.  Its acidity and sugars can abrade tooth enamel and weaken bones to the point of brittleness.  It can lead to obesity, kidney stones, diabetes and cause addiction.  So in the end even though it’s sweet there are dangers hidden in every drop of soda you drink and it’s not worth any of it.



            Soda causes many diseases and disorders such as obesity, diabetes, enamel erosion, kidney stones, and weakened bones.  Soda can get you addicted on caffeine.  All soda is unhealthy and contains acid. There are many flavorful alternatives to soda such as water, and juice, a much healthier option.


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