Mission Statement
Pop! Fizzy! Jeg! Whatever you call it, it is still soda. The purpose of our website is to show that soda is more than just a beverage; it can be a dangerous health risk to the body. Our main goal is to show how soda has no nutritional value and causes more harm to the internal organs. The consumption of sugar starts from a young age; therefore, our target audience are parents and school boards. Parents and school boards can use our website to educate children about the health effects of soda and prevent them from having health issues in their future. In our website, we will inform how soda causes obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition, the acids and chemicals in the soda depletes the marrow in the bone and the enamel that prevents tooth decay. Through our research, we want the audience to learn what a can of soda will do to the body, and how it can affect one’s daily nutritional consumption. We hope to educate the audiences about the dangers of soda and be aware of their nutritional value.  

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