Socratic Pedagogical Agents Using Semantic Web

The research goal in SOCRAGENT aims at advancing the state of art of pedagogical dialogue-based instruction by constructing dialogues using data from the semantic web. The research goal of this project is two-fold. 

First, this project aims at developing and empirically validating a framework of questioning techniques for teachers. Teachers (especially, pre-service teachers) need effective questioning techniques for preparing an effective classroom. More effective questioning techniques (e.g., formulation, sequencing) need empirical validation. 

Second, this project researches data on the semantic web and develops a pedagogical agent that is able to hold Socratic dialogues with students to achieve a learning goal. Conversational agents in existing learning environments are limited to a database of anticipated answers and misconceptions of students and do not adopt Socratic tutoring strategies. The pedagogical agent to be developed in this project will be a new innovation in two respects. First, the knowledge base of the agent will be constructed by extracting relevant information from the semantic web. Second, adopting the framework of effective questioning techniques, the pedagogical agent develops Socratic dialogues that help students achieve a learning goal.