Socom Computer's philosophy has always been to offer the most unique equipment at the lowest possible prices. Check in on our inventory often as you never know what we will offer next. 

General Information

Socom computers is a complete custom PC manufacturer. We build our PCs around you (the buyer). No PC made by us will ever be identical. This process starts with you, when we set up an in-home/office or online interview being sure you get everything your want with nothing you don't. 

We've seen it all and fully cover...

-HTPCs (Home Theater Computers)

-AFPCs (Audiophile grade computers complete  with hand made matched speakers)

-CarPuters (A computer built for your car)

-Gaming PCs (It takes much more than you know to run your favorite games smoothly)

-Servers (Up to 128 "actual" cpu cores)

-NAS (Network Storage)

-Benchmark/Overclocking (Extreme hardware needs Extreme cooling)

-CAT/MRI/X-ray Imaging

-3D rendering/GPU computing (AutoCAD,Bryce,Lightsource,F@H,Bitcoin mining)

-Video Editing/Audio Editing

-Audio recording/ Studio

And many many more options in virtually any price range.

Socom Computers est. 2009

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