The Society of Joyful Hope

“defending and promoting human life in the family” Evangelium Vitae, 29


This apostolate is designed to bring people together.......

to support and evangelize about the beauty and truth expressed in the message of Theology of the Body. 

Being open to life is a beautiful way to live, filled with God’s life of grace.  We need to pray for openness to life and evangelize through living a culture of life. 

Anyone who wants to spread the news about God’s truth passed to us from the Gospel of Life can be a member.  This organization aims to provide a bridge between all methods of natural forms of family planning to reach everyone about the simple truth that chastity, openness to life, and Natural Family Planning open our lives to grace.    

Living open to life can be challenging, too.  Another aim of this society is to provide a support network.  Members will be refreshed by building a sense of community.  They can, in turn, gain momentum and support others beginning their voyage. 

You can start a local council of Society of Joyful Hope in your area.  A local council leader can plan activities in support of this mission.  The activities will be focused on prayer.  Then, when able, members can lovingly evangelize to others with small works of charity.

When you decide firmly to live a clean life, Chastity will not be a burden on you: 
It will be a crown of triumph.
St. Josemariva Escriva