Welcome to the 8th Annual Science Olympiad Coaching Academy on Oct. 17 and 18, 2014.  We will be offering all 46 events for Division B and Division C.  We will also be offering coaching tips as well as resource tips.  Registrants will have an opportunity to choose from 13 fifty minute sessions.  Many of the sessions will be taught by National Science Olympiad Event Supervisors and Ohio State Event Supervisors.


Presenters will be:

*Karen Lancour

*Linder Winter

*Lin Wozniewski

*Alan Chalker


*Jim Simpson

 *John Hance

Tom Packard

*Russ Burleson

Matt Kramer

*Susan Hester

*John Leutz

*Dennis Papesh

*Tim Taylor

*Jeff Anderson


*Greg Marconnet


*CeAnn Chalker


*Mark Van Hecke


Bonnie Buddendeck

Patrick Chalker

Ron Anderson

*Amy Kessner

*Mike Bellus

* indicates National Event Supervisors